Prepare the car for the trip

Prepare the car for the trip

Greetings and greetings to your service, dear companions of IR-LuxeCars website. Today, in this article, we are going to address the issue of preparing a car for a trip. So stay with us until the end.

Due to the approaching holiday season, most people plan to travel to different cities and decide to travel. If you want to use your personal car for travel, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Prepare the car for the trip
  • First, check the tires on the agenda.
    The tires should not be torn or bulging. Also, if you notice that the tire is coming to an end, it is better to replace it ‌.The timing belt and alternator belt should be checked so that they do not cause you any problems in the middle of the road.
    If you have not changed the engine oil for 6 to 7 months, it is better to change it.
    Also, by showing the car to the mechanic, you can be sure of the health of the gearbox oil.
    Be sure to check the car water and salt glass. The car should not drain water ‌.
    Car wipers should also be checked as it may rain and snow during the trip.
    Refer to the mechanic to make sure of the health percentage of the pads so that you do not have a problem with braking.
    Be sure to check the car upholstery by a mechanic.
    Air filters, oil filters, gasoline filters and cabin filters can be replaced if they expire.
    Check the air conditioner gas so that there is no problem in using the air conditioner and heater.
    Be sure to inspect the lights.
    Also ensure the health of spark plugs and car batteries.
    The car should not make a special noise or knock. If a sound is heard, one of the upholstery parts has a problem and should be checked and healthy and this issue resolved.
    In addition to all this, having a series of tools on the trip is not without grace. Devices such as danger and warning triangles, flags, small fire extinguishers, flashlights and toolboxes.
    Make sure you always have a glass of water in your trunk.
    By observing the above points, you will encounter less problems in traveling. If your car breaks down while traveling in the middle of the road, you can call for help.

IR-LuxeCars team wishes you a safe and healthy trip.

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