Will New Chinese Cars Be Popular?

Will New Chinese Cars Be Popular?

Recently , several Chinese cars have entered our country's market, and a number of other cars are expected to enter the market in the near future. It remains to be seen whether these products, despite second-class Korean competitors, can be successful and proud, or fail ‌. Today we are going to examine this issue in this article.

JAC K7 car is a new product of Kerman Motor Company, which has attracted a lot of attention . At first glance, this car can be described as beautiful in appearance and feel satisfied. This beauty is doubled in the front of the car. In terms of features, the k7 has very good equipment. It also has technically acceptable power and the driving quality is in good condition.

But unfortunately, the price of this car in the market is very unreasonable and in some cases it has even been reported up to one billion three hundred million tomans. This makes the audience more inclined to buy second-hand Korean cars and choose them. Because these Korean products have stood the test of time in the past and have few weaknesses. Other cars such as SWM, Fidelity and Dignity are newcomers to the Iranian market.

All three can be considered as a quality car with some facilities ‌. But the main key to the success of these products depends on the performance of the manufacturer and provider. If Bahman Motor Company and Kerman Motor Company or any company that introduces a new car to the market, can provide good services in the field of selling its products, it can experience good sales and succeed in our country's market. It remains to be seen whether these companies will be able to supply parts and spare parts for their cars. Can they provide good after-sales service and a good guarantee to customers or not?

At present, due to the same unreasonable price, the market for buying and selling these cars is weak and customers are less inclined to buy these products. Choosing and buying any of the mentioned cars can depend on your taste. If you are a fan of zero mile cars, you can consider buying any of them. But if you do not have a problem with the car being second-class, you can consider buying Korean second-class and low-performance competitors such as Sportage, Tucson, etc. Of course, you should note that the purchase of zero-kilometer Chinese cars will face a drop in price after a while. Due to the increasing price of cars in recent years, this price drop is less noticeable, but it exists and you will face this problem.

But finally, the latest product of the car management company, Chery Tigo 8, is entering the market. According to the initial review, this Chinese long chassis is of good quality and has very good features. But we have to wait and see if the car management company with its pricing policy, can turn its desired product into one of the best sellers or not. Due to the ban on car imports, Chinese newcomers are now in the very luxury category. If you are planning to buy a car in this price range, you can first think of second-hand Koreans. Of course, provided you find low-functioning and healthy examples. Because it has a much better sales market, which is a special advantage. But the downside of this can be that it may cost you more and more than your 0km competitors.

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