The least depreciated domestic cars

The least depreciated domestic cars

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors when buying a car is its low depreciation. This list is prioritized based on items such as high durability of engine parts, fuel consumption, spare parts prices and research conducted among Iranian cars. In this article, we try to acquaint you with some examples of cheap and low-depreciation cars in the domestic market.

1- Pride

You may be wondering why Pride is on the list of the least depreciated domestic products, but it is good to know that this city sedan has been able to place itself in this list due to its cheap spare parts and low maintenance costs. Of course, if we are a little more careful, we will see that most of the drivers of SNAP and TPC also use Pride for passenger transportation, which also shows the low depreciation of this car. Easy repairs Due to the simplicity and lightness of the parts, suitable hand space and abundance of parts have all made Pride one of the cars on this list.

2- Renault L90

L90 is another successful product in the domestic market of Iran. Although this safe and secure sedan is slightly more expensive than its competitors in terms of the price of spare parts, but the high durability of parts and their quality partially covers this expensive price. The complete supervision of the French company on the assembly and production of parts has made the quality of this sedan the same from the first day of production until today. Renault has used the K4M engine in the L90, which, if its periodic services are performed on time, will definitely work like a watch for many years without any problems.

3 - Mazda 323

When it comes to depreciation and spending, the Japanese are definitely in the middle. Mazda 323 is one of the retired sedans in the Iranian market, some models of which are still in circulation with more than 15 years of operation of the seal motor. Although the parts of this car are very expensive and a little hard to find in the market, but high quality and low damage are certainly not unaffected by the popularity of this sedan.

4 - Kia Rio

Kia's Korean product was produced over the years as a replacement for Pride. This car, whose engine and chassis were designed by Ford of America, is very popular among Iranians. This Korean sedan was also produced under the strict supervision of Kia Motors engineers in Saipa Company for several years, which resulted in the entry of a low-depreciation and quality car into the domestic market. Rio, along with high quality and long life of parts in terms of fuel consumption, is also one of the least consumed domestic products.

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