Testing and reviewing the 2017 Porsche Macan in Iran

Testing and reviewing the 2017 Porsche Macan in Iran

Finally, the Porsche Gentleman Chassis put their happy step on our page. Hello to all of you, companions of the site of IR-LuxeCar Magazine! I hope you will be with us until the end of this analysis of Porsche Makan.

Let's start with an introduction to the Porsche Macan. The Porsche Macan, a five-door luxury crossover, was produced by German carmaker Porsche in Leipzig in 2014. The most interesting thing about the Macan is that it shares a platform with the Audi Q5. Ironically, both of these cars are available in our country. Macan has been marketed in various series since its production, including: Macan S, Macan GTS, Macan Diesel and Macan Turbo!

Where does the name Macan come from?

It seems that the Macan project has been on the table of Porsche designers since 2010 and the start of the project was officially launched in 2011. The name Porsche was also determined in 2012 and is derived from the word The Indonesian is a tiger. The tiger is really beautiful. Of course, before the unveiling and during the design and production, the place was known by the code name "Cajun".

The Macan we are discussing :

The Porsche Macan, which is proud and has come to us for review and analysis, is of the regular type and its year of production is 2017. This model is a Porsche 4-cylinder 2-liter turbocharged engine with 252 horsepower Power steam and produce 370 Nm of torque. Macan has a 7-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive. The dimensions of this German crossover are length, width and height, respectively: 4691, 1923 and 1623 mm and it weighs about 1770 kg.

Amenities - Entertainment :

Keyless entry and exit, keyless starter, rain sensor, thermometer, electrochromatic mirror, mirror heater, sunroof, front seat heater, automatic air conditioning, steering wheel heater, financial media display Traffic display, locator, subwoofer, Apple CarPlay, Android Otto, 18-seat seat with memory, PDSL Plus lights, electric steering, Remote parking, home link, complete package of radars

Safety features :

Speed control system with braking capability and distance maintenance, Rear parking sensor, front parking sensor, automatic headlight adjustment, automatic activation of lights, driver and passenger airbag, side, curtain, tire pressure display, immobilizer, park assist system Vehicle, blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control, stable control system, anti-lock brake system and cooling disc, brake force distribution system

Driving experience with Macan :

Macan is one of the most attractive long chassis in Iran, which is not really like it! Attractive, charismatic and simple face gives this car originality, stylishness and luxury at the same time. The car that is in our possession is facelifted and also has a cover, however We are going to analyze the place, the exterior of the exterior attracts a lot of attention from the very beginning, the front view of our desired Porsche Macan uses 4 PSLS Plus lights. This type of lights is used only in the full option version. Another point is that PSLS Plus lights are equipped with salt lights, which are marked in black in the corners. In the side view, you can see the best type of Porsche Macan rims, namely 21-inch 5-zone rims. Most of these rims are black. And in the rear view, the Porsche Macan we are looking for is equipped with new and well-designed lights according to the facelift we told you about earlier. You will also find a custom black exhaust kit that is attractive and The charm doubles its sound.

We move to the car door to examine its cabin as well! This car is equipped with keyless entry and exit technology, we enter the cabin with the rest of the group. The tall German monster has a center console similar to the Porsche Panamera and is equipped with 9 keys, which is one of the full examples. Left keys from top to bottom: Sport, Sport Plus, suspension, height adjustment and ESP. The right keys are from top to bottom: Offroad, lane adjustment, exhaust button and start stop. Each has its own function. For example, the Start Stop key is used when you stop behind a red light for a while and the car is temporarily turned off as soon as you intend. It turns on to move again and you keep moving. The Aphrodite key and height adjustment inside these 9 keys are not meant to be off-road like the Land Cruiser and the like, so it should not be taken too hard. You may also be interested to know As soon as we got into the car, what caught our attention the most was its red-black theme, which shows the good taste of its owner. In addition to the stylish upholstery, the red stopwatch in the middle of the dashboard and its custom red odometer are also very eye-catching.

This car is equipped with a Burmester sound system, which in its kind is really one of the great sound systems. You need access. The point I have to tell you here is that the Macan switch is on the left like all Porsche products. So we turn the switch very slowly with the left hand, immediately the so-called amp screen goes up and its lights turn on as beautifully as possible. As soon as it starts, a very pleasant sound from the engine The car is heard. With this awe and sound, it is as if a tiger is roaring beside you; Well, you're ready to shoot now. And the interesting thing is that this car is equipped with a launch control that gives the car relatively excellent acceleration. And as soon as you press the accelerator pedal, it throws you forward like a bullet. Now it's time to really push the pedal firmly to be thrown forward with insane acceleration We press our feet firmly, as if you are the pilot and the car of an airplane and you are ready to be taken off the ground; sound It sounds wonderful that we wish you all the experience of such a feeling! Now is the time to brake; The brakes of this car work very well and it must be said that Porsche is more He has paid attention to the safety of this car and the lives of its passengers. The car stops easily without the slightest vibration and extra movement.

Now let's get out of the driving senses and talk a little about the car. In addition to excellent cabin space, beautiful appearance and good handling and handling, Macan also has weaknesses, including: Low space for the rear passengers, expensive options as well as poor traction that the 2-up gear does not work as it should be called. Another point that is rarely paid attention to is its Aphrodite capability. According to rumors, Aphrodite has a relatively good ability. All this power is due to the existence of all kinds of electronic facilities that exist in this car, such as; Adaptive traction control, four-wheel drive with electric control, the ability to control the car in the downhill and air suspension system and the ability to adjust the height. We have a safe, fast-paced, beautiful, attractive, high-class, majestic, noble, sporty and, most importantly, Aphrodite ... which is the dream of many young people. Finally, it can be said that Porsche Macan has been the best-selling Porsche product in Iran since 2015 until now.

Photographer : Farid Abedi

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