The most beautiful coupes in the history of automobile manufacturing

The most beautiful coupes in the history of automobile manufacturing

The most beautiful coupes in the history of automobile manufacturing

Coupe cars are open, lovely and attractive cars for most people. Therefore, today on the IR Lux Cars website, we will introduce some classic coupes. The most important feature of the cars that are on our list today is their special design without using the middle column. Classic coupes that have a special beauty by removing the middle column.

1- BMW Series 8 1989

One of the most special BMW series is the eight series. A car with a long length but a coupe-like design has a special effect. As you can see in the photo, this Bavarian coupe does not have a B-pillar, and while being simple, it has an aggressive look. Relatively hidden lights under the hood are other features of this car.

2- Mercedes Benz SEC 1981

The other car of our discussion today is the rival of the Eight series. The car that may have caused the eight-series watch is the SEC. This German coupe is about 45 years old and uses airbags and ABS brakes. It looks very similar to the S-Class, but the shorter wheelbase and the absence of the center pillar make it different from the S-Class.

3- Toyota Celica 1970

One of the Japanese cars that is very similar to the European ones is the Celica. On the other hand, the front is similar to American cars, especially the Mustang. This popular Japanese car, which you may have seen in Iran, is produced with 1.6 and 2 liter engines. The most important point in the design of this car is the side mirrors on the hood and the use of a short bumper.

4- Dodge Charger 1967

The world's most popular car, the Dodge Charger, had a strange and wonderful design in its second version. The hidden lights in the front window and the lack of a pillar without a fastback design all made the Dodge Charger very popular. The ultra-muscular hood, which has been preserved from the front to the rear fenders, turned the second version of Dodge into a unique car.

5- Pontiac GTO 1964

No viewer sees any flaws in the design of American cars. American designers were so tasteful in the 60s and 70s that even after a few decades, when we see an American car on the street, we are stunned by its beauty. Ponytail GTO is one of these cars. A muscular and elongated hood, as well as a trunk more elongated than the hood, befits the nickname of the ship. In addition to all this, the beauty of the coupe-like face and the 6.6-liter engine provide all the needs of an open car.

6- Plymouth Barracuda 1964

You may not have heard the name of this car before, but its special design has made it appear in this list. This car was released during the production of Ford Mustang and could not become a serious competitor for Mustang. Round front lights and extended doors without using the B-pillar make this car too beautiful.

7- Chevrolet Impala Sport Coupe 1958

One of the most beautiful coupes of the fifties is definitely this car. A car that Harley Earl designed in the best possible way. The reverse slope of the roof and the removal of the B-pillar, along with the stunning rear fenders, will stun every onlooker.

8- Lincoln Continental 1956

Ford's goal in building this car was to turn Lincoln into a luxury brand in the world. This attractive coupe was the most expensive car in its time. Electric windows and lack of B-pillar were also features of this expensive coupe.


In general, considering that each of these cars has been an unrivaled legend in its time, it is very difficult to choose the best and most beautiful coupe car. Register your opinion on IR-Luxecars site.

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