Introduction and review of Rana Plus AMT

Introduction and review of Rana Plus AMT

Launch of Rana Plus AMT

Domestic car reviews have actually become a kind of repetition. The small variety and lack of changes in domestic products have made their introduction the most boring automotive issue. Of course, this time is a little different. Rana Plus AMT, which is currently being reviewed by the IR Lux Cars team, has undergone many changes in the technical department. This Iran Khodro mid-range sedan was introduced as a replacement for Peugeot 206 cashier since the beginning of sanctions against our country. Iran Khodro has introduced various models of Rana until today, and this version is the latest model of the Rana project. Last week, at the Mashhad International Exhibition, Iran Khodro unveiled the Rana Plus version with a glass roof and an electric clutch. This version uses a new gearbox that can actually be called semi-automatic.

رانا پلاس AMT

According to this gearbox, there is no longer a gear handle in the middle of the console and instead a mouse is used to select different modes of the gearbox. With the help of this mouse, driving modes can be changed to D, N, R and M. Another good news in the technical department is the use of gear shifters behind the steering wheel. Of course, it goes without saying that these shifters are only used when the gearbox is in M mode. This car, which comes with a glass roof, may be equipped with equipment such as stability control, hill start assist system, daylight, tire pressure sensor, etc. in the future. Of course, the absence of sports rims and lenses in the headlights is very noticeable, but considering the technical changes, they can be omitted. Like the previous version, Rana Plus AMT is equipped with tu5p engine and its exact price has not yet been announced by Iran Khodro.

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