The Top most used safety systems on cars

The Top most used safety systems on cars

Hello to all members of IR-LuxeCars site ! I hope you are all well! Without further ado, let's look at an article on the 5 most widely used safety systems in cars. Of course, I have to say about this article that the peak of our car safety options is the three-point belt and the driver and passenger airbags. These are a few options for us; Otherwise, most of these safety features are normally installed on foreign cars And it is not a special feature at all. Well, let's start with the first one!

1) Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) This is one of the most important reasons to get 5 safety stars in a standard crash test, like Euro NCAP, and more interestingly, It is cheaper than the others; How does this important brake work now? This system is equipped with a laser system that can assess the obstacles ahead and road conditions and after collecting information, warn the driver and if the driver ignores The brake operates automatically. This brake also does this automatically when the driver does not apply enough force to the brake pedal.

2) Lane departure system (LDW) This system has another name and it is also called the lane departure warning system and it is activated if the distracted driver is leaving his lane. This system is equipped with cameras or sensors that are installed in the front of the car and constantly check the position of the car; after That the car went out of line This system warns the driver with a small sound or vibration in the steering wheel or seat.

3) Blind spot detection system (BSD) This system warns the driver by detecting cars that are in blind spots. The importance of this time system It turns out that the driver wants to turn left or right And if a pedestrian or motorcycle is at the point of Cyrus, send it to him via a voice warning or a video warning on the kilometer screen. Either the steering wheel vibrates, or the flashing light embedded in the mirror frame warns. In this system, ultrasonic sensors or cameras are located in the last quarter of the car, which are used to constantly scan around the car.

4) Driver Condition Assessment System (DM) This system is for when the driver becomes drowsy and loses consciousness and in this case possible There are many more accidents than normal. But how does this system work ?! Multiple sensors or cameras constantly monitor the movement of the steering wheel, the driver's eye position and other behavioral patterns They check and if the body detects that the driver is napping He raises an alarm to warn him. It is interesting to know this system like many other safety systems; Volvo has designed and marketed it globally. Another interesting thing about this system is that on long journeys, it records all the driving modes and patterns of the driver in its own memory. The alarm will sound as soon as unusual movements are seen.

5) Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) The task of this system is to inflate the tires Show it to the driver so that it can be replaced or repaired in the event of a problem. This system can also help reduce fuel consumption by showing the tire pressure conditions How this system works is also interesting; With the help of the speed of rotation of the wheels, signals outside the tires and brakes can estimate the tire pressure.

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