Launch control; Special option for more car acceleration

Launch control; Special option for more car acceleration

Hello to all the friends and companions of IR-LuxeCars website; We are with you with another educational article and information! This time we went to launch control and explained about this attractive option that many young Iranians love.

Where does this option come from?

I have to tell you at the beginning of the article that this attractive option started in 1985 with Renault and then it was upgraded to Formula One racing due to the increasing advancement of technology. Of course, the World Federation banned the use of launch controls for Formula One in the 1990s due to reduced driver skills, but it was not long before the use of launch systems resumed in 2001. Traction control as well as fully automatic gearboxes were released at the Spanish Grand Prix, but were banned again due to increased costs for Formula One teams.

Launch Control
What is launch control?

The launch control is actually used to start some cars; Not on the move! Of course, launching is mostly used in launching rockets, satellites or even aircraft. When engines use their maximum power to launch or fly. Well! The nature of the term in Cars are also useful, and when a car wants to move forward at its maximum speed, it uses maximum power and torque. If we want to give you this human example, this It turns out that we have two runners; One is normally with two feet on the ground and the other one foot is leaning against a support like a wall, and the starting moment of a runner whose foot is on a support can be strong. Start stronger and firmer.

لانچ کنترل چیست؟

How does it work?

Most imported cars from 2010 onwards have a launch control option, for example Porsche products mostly have this option. Launch or launch control is in fact the coordination between the engine, gearbox, suspension and almost all components involved with full ECU supervision to reduce wastage and provide the highest output power.

How to launch?

To do this, the car must first be in Sport Plus mode or in some cars in Race mode, then at the same time a Put one foot on the accelerator pedal and the other on the brake pedal. When the engine speed reaches the permissible limit, the car is allowed to launch by showing the sign on the amp panel or on the steering wheel (in Porsche) and finally The power and speed of the car accelerates. Tip: Usually for launch; In Porsche cars the engine speed should be 6 and in Benz and BMW cars the engine speed should be between 2.5 to 3.

لانچ کنترل چیست؟

Some interesting points about launch control in Iran:

• Most imported cars from 2010 onwards have launch control; But in the BMW Z4, only the 35i and 35is launch controls.

• For better and stronger launch of cars in Formula One and drag racing, they use slick tires. These tires are completely smooth and without any tread pattern. The main feature of slick tires is that they have a very high adhesion.

• Sliced tires have a high softness and adhesion due to the use of more rubber during production and are not suitable for everyday use at all, because their life is very short and ultimately 200 km you To accompany.

تایر اسلیک

• From cars available in Iran (whether national license plate or free zone license plate) can be Porsche 911 Turbo S; Nissan GTR, Lamborghini Ontador and BMW i8 mentioned.

• Try to warm up the car and of course the tires for about 15 to 30 minutes before launching.

Some cars, such as the Alfa Romeo 4C, have to travel 1,000 kilometers to activate their launch control option.

لانچ کنترل BMW i8

Although some crossovers and long-wheelbase vehicles, such as the BMW X4 and X3, have launch controls, it is recommended that this not be done, as it interferes with the differential and suspension. And may cause irreparable damage. Of course, this does not mean that this option is accidentally installed on these cars; This means that due to the difference in the power distribution system between the wheels Repeating it can cause a lot of problems

Try to put a gap between launching, for example if you are launching now, it will be a few minutes before the next few minutes; Because pressure is applied to the gearbox and differential.

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