What is Hook Option In Cars?

What is Hook Option In Cars?

There is a part in the front and rear of the car that you have probably seen many times. The hook is a piece made of a metal ring in the shape of a hook, and in fact the work of this piece is the same as towing. The word HOOK is a Latin word and if we want to find a Persian equivalent, the word hook would be appropriate. With the help of this hook or piece of metal, another car can be towed. It is usually made of metal or iron. In the beginning and in the old days, the purpose of placing this piece on different cars was to pull and transport the damaged car by another car, but with the passage of time and the expansion of road service and increasing the number of cranes and car relief, this was done. Mostly done by them and the trailer. Another use for this piece is to carry boats in coastal cities. Also, people who are very interested in traveling by car and wagon room and make many trips, connect the caravan wagon room to their car with the help of this piece.

The next example of using a hook is the use in the desert or forest ‌. Due to the fact that there are many obstacles in these places and the road is very difficult, it is possible that the vehicle will break down and be towed. Of course, some cars do not have this part or hook and you have to buy it yourself. In contrast to the hook, a similar device is produced, known as a towing band. Towing strap is a kind of hook to which the rope will be attached and locked and the towing operation is done by this object. There are various tow straps in the market that can be purchased according to the type and weight of the car. The question may be, is it necessary to use a towbar and place it in a car? In response, we must say that you may not even need to use this item for years. However, according to the examples given, this piece may be used. Therefore, its existence and placement in cars is not without merit and in some cases it is even necessary. And can only long-wheelbase vehicles use it? No. Every car will be able to take advantage of this feature.

In recent years, due to the progress of automotive science and industry, in some cars, a new model of this part was used and it was named electric hook. Electric hook is an option that is found in very luxury cars and the presence of this option in the car increases its price ‌. If we want to name two cars in the Iranian market that include electric hooks, we can mention BMW x4 and Porsche Makan. The button for this option is located in the trunk of two luxury cars, and when you touch it, the hook will open electrically. To use a hook or towbar, we must consider and observe some things. The rope material must be strong and not torn during work. The best and most suitable tool for towing a car is a strip belt made of nylon or polyester, and both ends have special towing rings. In some cases, chains can be used instead of straps or ropes due to their high strength. Of course, this is not recommended because the chain is not as sticky as a rope and may damage the towbar or metal piece.

You may be wondering where is the best place to install tow rope? The best place to install the tow wire is on the bumper. But it should be noted that this place was used only for light loads. If this place is used to pull heavy loads, due to the applied force, a lot of damage may be done to the bumper and rear parts. Safety must be observed when using this piece and towing, as there is a high risk of damage and may incur exorbitant costs.

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