Here's What We Forgot About The Ferrari Pinin

Here’s What We Forgot About The Ferrari Pinin

In 1980, Pininfarina Design Studio decided to mark the 50th anniversary of its brand Design and display a brand new concept car in blue! They named this new and attractive car Ferrari Pinin; Which is one of the few 4-door sedans produced By Ferrari. After displaying such a masterpiece, the car was gradually forgotten and turned upside down, and finally reached the garage of a rich man in North America. It wasn't long before Ferrari decided in 1993 to showcase a collection of its cars. So, under the supervision of Vittorio Gidela, the famous Italian designer, he was forced to buy this car from this rich person for an exorbitant price of about 800 thousand dollars and so-called take it back!

Now why was this car so expensive?
I will tell you about your service now. At a glance, you see a unique interior design as if this car does not belong to its time and has traveled in time. A forward-looking approach from the late 1900s can be seen in this car. Something that will shock you; That is to say, Pinin is the only Ferrari engine in front of the company! Designer Leonardo Fiuravani and his team showed the world what a real luxury sedan means. A very beautiful and thoughtful design that includes individual air conditioning, personal headphones and even a It was a safari computer, which showed the current and average speed of the destination to the driver. Also, analog speedometers remain black until the engine is turned on. Just like today's cars. In addition, Pinin used a new concept of lights that had been developed by the computer and given to it It allowed it to be even smaller and more efficient at different times, while the taillights were combined with the silver color of the body.

According to many experts, Pinin did not look attractive but he had an attractive cabin, the interior of Ferrari Pinin was really amazing! built Connolly leather with a combination of classic atmosphere and 80's technologies that simply showed how its cabin can attract the customer. But the exterior of the 1980s Ferrari masterpiece; This aggressive appearance of the Ferrari Pinin also had good technical performance. The Pinin was equipped with a 4.8-liter 12-cylinder engine with a 5-speed manual transmission. It could transfer 360 horsepower to the monster's rear wheels. That's why Enzo Ferrari was so much in the spotlight. The pinnacle could reach 100 km / h in 7.3 seconds from standstill. This aggressive and luxurious look and feel of art was in the hands of a designer with special thoughts. It is none other than Mr. Leonardo Fioravanti from Pininfarina Design Studio! What was hidden here was the presence of another brilliant designer.

Mr. Mauro Forghieri , Technical manager of the Ferrari racing section from 1980 to 1987, the task of deforming the assembled car, especially for the exhibition Took on a luxury sedan with the right Ferrari specifications. Ferrari Pinin after the changes that Mr. Forghiri made on it; It could easily withstand winds of up to 240 km / h And with strong shock absorbers, it can easily cross obstacles-filled roads. It also had very powerful aerodynamics and handling. Yes, Pinin was and is one of Ferrari's spectacular masterpieces ...

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