Introduction and review of Sahand Saipa

Introduction and review of Sahand Saipa

Introducing and reviewing Sahand Saipa's new car

Maybe you have seen Saipa's new product ads on city billboards. This car is designed based on the chassis and platform of Tiba and Saina, and it is considered a version of the Atlas sedan.

Sahand Saipa design

At first glance, the pillars of Saina's room can be seen. Unfortunately, after several years, the body design has not been seriously updated and Saipa engineers have settled for changes in the lights, hood and trunk. In terms of dimensions, the width of the Sahand is the same as its bigger brother, the Saina, but the length of the car is slightly longer than the Saina. This new sedan is very similar to the Saina in the rear, and if we don't consider the elongated design of the lights, there is no special difference. In the front view, the lines on the hood and the lights extended to the fenders give the viewer a relatively beautiful appearance.

Sahand Saipa interior design

Upon entering the cabin, we face a new dashboard. The modernized air conditioning vents and the two-color design of the dashboard are one of the special effects of Sahand. The material of the dashboard, although the quality is not acceptable at all, but what is the solution?! The seven-inch monitor next to the new kilometer screen is another major change in the Sahand cabin compared to the Saina

Amenities and options

Among Sahand's comfort and safety facilities are BSD system or blind spot detection, electric sunroof, rain sensor, 7-inch screen, reverse camera, electric folding side mirrors with heater and turn signal, driver's electric seat with heater, etc. . Cited. Also, two airbags, two-color interior trim (customized), cruise control and speed limiter, hydraulic de-cut steering wheel, electric de-cut steering wheel (customized), tire pressure sensor, semi-automatic air conditioning, 12-volt output, 6-position manual driver's seat, 2-mode electric driver's seat (customized), driver's seat with heater (customized), rear seat with isofix, fabric seat cover, leather seat cover (customized), daytime light and autolight, rear sensor can be ordered for this sedan.

Sahand Saipa

Technical specifications of Sahand Saipa

In the technical department, Sahand also uses the same M15 Tiba engine as other domestic products that do not have a special variety. The gas valve of this car is electrified as standard and according to Saipa engineers, the power of this car is a little more than Tiba and Saina. Sahand engine transmits 90 horsepower and 137 newton meters of torque to the front wheels. One of the negative points of Sahand is its heavy weight. With 1220 kg, this car is about 170 kg heavier than Saina and even its weight is more than a car like Suren Plus! Saipa will probably market Sahand with two different models of CVT automatic transmission and five-speed manual transmission.

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