Review and introduction of Tiggo 8 Pro Chery new car

Review and introduction of Tiggo 8 Pro Chery new car
Tiggo 8 Pro, Chery’s newest Luxury car!

Tiggo 8 Pro is known as the most marginal car in the Iranian market these days. The car that is luxury is made in China and it seems that it is very expensive! In this article, we will review this car from IR-Luxcars Site, stay with us until the end of the article.

Tiggo 8 Pro Design

Design Tiggo 8 Pro has a new and updated design. With a length of 4.7 meters and a width of 1.8 meters, this car is much larger than Tiggo 7 and is in a higher class. Due to its long length, this car has 7 people and is in the category of Santa Fe, Sorento and other cars of this class.

In the front view, the Tiggo 8 Pro stands out with its large diamond windshield. A windshield that, while beautiful, can also have a negative effect on the aerodynamic coefficient. In the side view, 18-inch rims and lines on the body can be seen that are in good harmony with the rest of the car. In the rear view, there are LED lights and spoiler, both of which are beautifully designed. Unlike competitors like the Tiggo 7 and Fidelity, there is a good fit between the dimensions of the rear window and the trunk lid, and we see a good design in this car.

Tiggo 8 Pro
Technical Part Tiggo 8 Pro

The technical part of Tigo 8 Pro, but maybe there is nothing new to offer! 1.6-liter turbo engine that produces 197 horsepower and 290 Nm of torque. This engine uses GDI technology and can accelerate the car from zero to 100 in about 9 seconds. Fortunately, this car uses a 7-speed automatic transmission and there is no news of a boring CVT gearbox. Everything inside the Tigo 8 Pro cabin is an exaggeration! The entire dashboard is filled with an integrated monitor and most of the required options can be found in it.

Some of the options of this car are as follows :

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

If you start in reverse gear and want to get out of your parking lot but there is an obstacle in your blind spot that you do not see, the RCTA safety system will be activated and will give you an audible alarm. Radars located around the rear bumper can easily detect passing vehicles from a distance of 30 meters and prevent accidents.

Forward Collision Warning Radar

If you are driving but suddenly your distance from the car in front of you is less than safe, the FCW system is activated and gives you an audible alarm to prevent you from colliding with the car in front.

Blind Spot Detection

If, while driving, a car is parked in the blind spot of the Phoenix Tiggo 8 Pro, the BSD system, whose sensors are on the sides of the car and near the rear of the car, will be activated and the warning sign on the side mirror will illuminate.

Tiggo 8 Pro

Intelligent Cruise Control or Active Cruise Control

In conventional cruise control, the vehicle speed is always constant. So if the car in front of you slows down, cruise control activation becomes very dangerous. But on smart cruises or ACC, the car speed is automatically adjusted to the speed of the car in front. So even if you get in traffic, the car speeds down automatically. But after the traffic clears and the front car accelerates, the Phoenix 8 Pro also accelerates again to reach its specified speed again. Another name for this system is Adaptive Cruise Control.

Door Open Warning

If the Phoenix Tiggo 8 Pro is stopped and you want to get off it, if another car is in the blind spot but you open the car door, the DOW system will be activated and give you an audible alarm. The indicator of this system is located next to the door handle.

Lane Keeping Assistant

The Tiggo 8 Pro can detect lanes thanks to its front radar, side sensors and front camera. However, with the LKA on-line assist system activated, if the vehicle leans towards one of the lanes due to driver error or driver distraction, the system enters the circuit and, while warning the driver, takes control of the steering wheel and Puts the car back between the lines.

Traffic Jam Assistant

To get rid of the annoying traffic that you have to constantly press the accelerator and brake pedals, Tiggo 8 Pro with an option called TJA can ease the drivers’ minds. This system, which is for speeds less than 60 km / h, can activate the accelerator and brake pedals while maintaining a safe distance to the car in front, if activated. The system also provides steering control to keep the car moving between two lanes.

Tiggo 8 Pro

Lane Departure Warning

If a car crosses the road without using a traffic light, the LDW system is activated and this lane change is thought of as driver fatigue or driver distraction. For this reason, it gives audio and video warnings to the driver. However, Chery said that the LDW system can detect and announce a diversion 0.5 seconds before the car crosses the line. This way, the half-second driver will have more time to make a decision.

Intelligent High-Beam Control

The Chery Tiggo 8 Pro is equipped with a light sensor and turns on the headlights as soon as it gets dark. But in addition to this, Tiggo 8 Pro is also equipped with IHC system. The system can detect front cars up to 400 meters away with the help of a camera embedded behind the center mirror. If a car does not collide, the IHC system is activated and the headlights are set to high beam so that the driver has the maximum range of vision. But if a car was approaching, the IHC system would turn off the headlights and switch the headlights back on as soon as the car passed. The automatic high beam system, in addition to enhancing the safety of the Chery Tiggo 8 Pro, can also be useful for other vehicles as it will prevent other drivers from glare (due to the intensity of the light in high beam mode).

Tiggo 8 Pro

It can be said that Tiggo 8 Pro is one of the most optional cars in the Iranian market. Tiggo 8 Pro is a car with many options, good acceleration, beautiful design and good after-sales service. But in the Iranian market, everything depends on the price. Where Tiggo 8 Pro is weak! In a way, this car has become the price of popular products such as Hyundai Santa Fe, Renault Koleos, Mitsubishi Outlander and even Toyota Prado!

This car was priced at 1 billion and 750 million tomans! A number that shocked everyone, and of course, after 3 days, the sale of this car at this price was stopped! Maybe if the price of this car reaches between 1 billion and 200 million tomans, a good market can be predicted for it.

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