Review and equivalence of Chinese car prices

Review and equivalence of Chinese car prices
Chinese car prices are much higher than the world market in Iran!

Greetings and greetings to your service, dear companions of IR-LuxeCars website. We are very happy and proud that you are giving your valuable time to our team. Today, in this article, we intend to examine the prices of Chinese cars in Iran. So stay with us until the end.

Today, some people believe that Chinese car companies announce the price of their products in Iran much higher than the world price. Is this statement true? The answer is yes. Below we will examine this issue and some examples.

Chinese cars Tiggo 8 Pro

Modiran Khodro Company recently unveiled its new product, Phoenix Tiggo 8 Pro. This car is currently the most advanced and well-equipped Chinese car entering the market of our country. But unfortunately, the price of this product was estimated and estimated very high by the company of car managers. If you want to buy Tiggo 8 Pro, you have to pay 1/750/000/000 Tomans. A large audience has objected to the announced price of this car and does not consider it reasonable. Now we will have a check together whether this price was really reasonable or not?
The global price of the Tiggo 8 Pro in the fullest version has been announced by the manufacturer at around $ 25,000. By calculating and converting it to Tomans, the price of this car is about 700 million Tomans (including 28 Tomans Dollar)

خودروهای چینی تیگو 8 پرو

Even if we want to increase the highest customs cost for this car, the price of this car should be doubled. That is, the amount of 1/400/000/000 Tomans. This is if this product is assembled and finalized in our country. Therefore, in some cases, it is exempt from customs fees. Because the assembly point of Tiggo 8 Pro has been purchased by Modiran Khodro Company. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that the announced price of this car was really irrational and very high. It should even be noted that in Russia and Saudi Arabia, the Tiggo 8 Pro car is sold at a price of about 660 million tomans in the fullest version.

خودروهای چینی تیگو 7 پرو

Another example is the Chery Tiggo 7, which is priced at around $ 21,000 worldwide. Something about 570 million tomans. But this product has found a price above one billion tomans in the market. More than four hundred million tomans higher than its world price.
Or, for example, the Arezzo 6 car, whose world price is 17,000 dollars, which is equivalent to 470 million tomans. But this car is priced at 930 million tomans by the company.

خودروهای چینی جک S3

Another example is the Jac S3 car, where the world price is about 12 thousand dollars, which is almost equal to 330 million tomans. But now it is priced at 630 million Tomans by Kerman Motor Company. Finally, it should be said that all Chinese cars in the Iranian market have found a price higher than the world price. You may be wondering whether the companies that represent the sale of these Chinese products have the right to collect customs fees or not? In response, we must say that it is true that these companies have purchased the privilege of assembling the car, but not all stages of production of these cars are done in Iran. Rather, in newer cars, between 20% and 30%, and in older cars, more than 30% of the production stages are in Iran. Therefore, many parts must be imported into the country, which is subject to customs fees. In addition to the cost of customs, it should also be noted that the company incurs costs such as shipping, 9% value added, 3% numbering and additional costs for remittances to China due to international transfer problems. .

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