Testing and reviewing the BMW 220i model 2017 in Iran

Testing and reviewing the BMW 220i model 2017 in Iran
Review of BMW 220i, one of the most attractive cars in Iran

Hello to all the companions of IR-LuxeCars Website, in this article we want to talk about a different BMW that you may not have seen or seen in Iran. The subject of this article is testing one of the most attractive Germans in The country, namely the BMW 220i , is owned by the specialized team of IR-LuxeCars. What we saw of this car was beyond our imagination, I recommend you to be with us until the end of this article.

بی ام و 220i
History of the BMW 220i

His grandfather is a well-known BMW in 2002 and replaced the unsuccessful Series 1 model. Various supplied to global markets.
Most buyers of this attractive and compact coupe are Americans, followed by the Germans and the British in second and third place.

Series 2 in Iran

This beautiful car arrived in Iran in early 2016 and is currently sold as a national license plate in the country. However, the Iranians did not welcome this successful model of the German brand and a limited number of BMW 220i in the country. In addition to the 220 version, the 230 version also entered our country, which was much worse for sale due to higher propulsion boost and more sensitivity to gasoline octane, and only the number of croc copies entered Iran.

bmw 220i
The Car under review by the IR-LuxeCars team

The car that is our guest is the 2017 model. This BMW has a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that can produce 184 horsepower and 270 Nm of torque. Our Series 2 transmits this power to the rear wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission. The top speed of this BMW miniature is 230 km / h and its 0-100 acceleration is 7.2 seconds. The positive and remarkable point of this car is its fuel consumption, the combined fuel consumption of this car is only 5.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

Amenities – Entertainment Bmw 220i

4 driving modes (Eco-Comfort-Sport-Sport Plus), daylight, auto-light, automatic high beam, salt lights, cabin lighting, steering wheel heater, Harman Kardon sound system, 7 speakers, 6.5-inch screen with controller, navigation, Show park auxiliary lines with on-screen steering wheel movement, keyless entry and starter, 8-way manual seats, electrochromic rearview mirror, side mirror with heater, sunroof

bmw 220i
BMW 220i safety features

Cruise control, uphill static control, downhill speed control, traction control, stability control, front sensor, rear sensor, rain sensor, tire pressure sensor, dashboard radar, distribution
Brake force, anti-lock brake, auxiliary brake, speed-sensitive electric steering, 6 airbags (driver and passenger, curtain and front side)

BMW 220i driving experience

The face of the 220 reviewed by the Lux Lux Cars team is very attractive and rough. In fact, the esteemed owner of this car has used the M Kit, which has given it a beautiful and striking appearance. The rear view also leaves no room for conversation; Two-pair exhausts next to the spoiler (rear wing) catch the eye of any viewer. You do not need a key to get in this car, we open the car door and sit on its warm and soft seat. The cabin space of the BMW 220i is the same as the usual BMW space, except that it is slightly smaller than the other series. The cabin space consists of red-black upholstery, a 3-spoke steering wheel and attractive M package, a console that is very compatible with the dashboard, a very handsome dashboard, a screen with all the attractive features in the middle of the console, and a pilot gear and a Rotary key to select driving mode!

bmw 220i

In front of us there was an attractive analog odometer that has almost everything a driver needs. Painting competitions, BMW is definitely one of the top car painters, but with all this beauty, it should be added that the rear passenger compartment of the 2 Series is not spacious and suitable for large people, and this was the only weakness we could get from inside the car. Of course, one should not expect a family car from a coupe and sports car like the 220. Now comes the beautiful moment that every driver is waiting for. We start the car with the help of the button. It happens and the car accelerates so fast that it throws you backwards. This is what this car gives you. Excellent braking, excellent handling, and the fact that the steering wheel is sensitive to speed and tightens at high speeds, all in all, plus the airbags that work well give you a sense of confidence.

Of course, with all these interpretations, the BMW 220i is a relatively dry and sporty car, but we have said little about its unique ride. It may not have a very powerful engine, but in fairness, the suspension, excellent handling, wide tires and 18 inches cover such Has been weakened. The ergonomics of the cabin are excellent and the driver has easy access to all the features and keys, even the gear can be done from behind the steering wheel. The acceleration that we were able to get from this car, with the quality of the gasoline in the tank, was about 7.8 seconds and was almost close to the acceleration of BMW itself. This excellent acceleration has another important reason, which is its light weight of 220 relative. To other models. But the main thing to say about this car is that the BMW220i engine is very sensitive to poor quality gasoline and will soon have technical problems.
At the same time, the fuel consumption of this car is very low and it is really convenient and economical, and if you are planning to travel with it, you should know that you have ridden a car with these features: excellent ride, economical, fast and high speed, safe, secure , Attractive, charming, comfortable, calm!

Finally, we thank Mr. Pouria Dehban, the dear owner of this car, for their sincere cooperation with the IR-LuxeCars team – Photographer: Farid Abedi

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