Is it worth buying a zero-kilometer Pride in the current situation?

Is it worth buying a zero-kilometer Pride in the current situation?
Pride is an inexhaustible car in Iran!

Greetings and service to the followers of IR-LuxeCars website; We are very happy and proud that you are devoting your precious time to our team. Today, in this article, we are going to examine the purchase value of Pride and introduce its competitors. So stay with us until the end.

Pride car, which represents the presence of every person in Iran, has been in the production cycle for many years. Almost all people have been very critical of this car. Unfortunately, over the years, the quality of Pride, in addition to not improving, has decreased day by day and its shortcomings have increased.


In terms of safety, the Pride is very weak and its body is very vulnerable to impact and accidents. Some have even called the body of this car a sheet of paper. You may have seen over and over again in the pictures that the Pride car has collapsed in a complete crash or has been split in two.

In terms of facilities and equipment, nothing has been added to Pride in the past years, and even in some cases, such as door drains, it has been removed. In general, Pride car does not have high equipment.


In technical terms, the Pride has an eight-valve four-cylinder engine with 71 horsepower and 108 Nm of torque, which is by no means a powerful car.

In terms of design, Pride does not have much to say and it is an old car with a normal design. Of course, Pride was produced with different designs of 141, 131, 132, 111 and Saba, almost all of which are the same shape and have very slight differences.

Now the question may be whether Pride has advantages or only disadvantages?

In response, we must say that Pride has limited benefits, which we will name below.

Pride parts can be found in abundance in the market and there is no shortage of parts.
– The fuel consumption of this car is low
– Suitable buying and selling market
– Lower and lower maintenance costs than other cars


Now, the question may be on your mind: should we buy Pride Zero km or which used car with the same budget is more reasonable? In response, we must say that buying other used cars is definitely a better and more suitable option to buy.
With the budget of a zero-kilometer Pride, you can buy used cars such as Peugeot 405, Samand, 206, Peugeot Pars, Thunder 90, etc. Even items like Chinese cars like the Lifan 620, MVM 530 can be put on the agenda.
All the mentioned cars are in the discussion of power, facilities and equipment, safety, design, quality and parts higher than Pride and are a better option to buy. Especially if you can find and buy older models with low performance.


Of course, it should be noted that the cost of maintaining some of these used cars may increase, and this is a negative point that may encourage you to buy Pride Zero km. However, if this does not put too much pressure on you, buying other used cars is a more suitable and reasonable option for personal use. Saina and Tiba cars are also in the same price category as Pride, all of which They have a platform, but perhaps they can be considered newer and more modern than Pride.

In the end, if you are not one of those people who only want to buy zero-kilometer cars, look for other used cars with the same budget and equal to the zero-kilometer Pride.

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