Meeting with Benz GTS in Tehran!

Meeting with Benz GTS in Tehran!
Test and review Benz GTS in Iran

Greetings to all the followers of IR Luxury Cars specialized website, in this article we want to test and review another special car in our country and this time we will look at one of the best Benz in the world. We went to Benz AMG GTS. Stay with us until the end of this article so that we can fully introduce you to the golden generation of this Benz.

History of GT entering the market

The story started in 2014, after the retirement of the golden and legendary SLS generation, the successful AMG company decided to choose a worthy replacement for it, and this is how the GT was introduced to the world in September 2014. In 2015, the first GT series was launched in two versions, GT and GTS.

Of course, GT did not stop at these versions and introduced GTR, GTC, GT4, GT3 and the popular version of Black series to the world. The most popular version of the GT is the two-seater and sports coupes, of course, the four-door version is also available in our country.

GT overall design

Like its father, the GT had a wide and long hood and a roof arch like the SLS, with the difference that its face was more aggressive. There is no news of Galvanizing doors and normal doors were used instead. 93% aluminum is used in the structure of the car to make it lighter. The exterior designer of this monster, Mark Fetherston, is the designer of SLS. And its interior design was done by Mr. Jan Kaul.

مرسدس بنز GTS
The difference between GT and GTS

Although both versions were introduced at the same time, the GTS version was released with a stronger engine with more power and torque. The GTS version also uses an electrically controlled limited slip differential. GT production ended in 2021 and GTS production in 2020, and instead of these two other GT versions such as GT3 and Black series are being produced.

Technical specifications of Benz GTS

A Benz GTS has a 4-liter turbocharged 8-cylinder engine (equipped with Biturbo) that can produce 510 horsepower and 650 Nm of torque. This power and torque reaches the rear wheels through a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The dimensions of the rear wheels are 20 inches and the front wheels are 19 inches. Also the dimensions of the car itself It is 4546 mm long, 1939 mm wide and 1289 mm high, respectively. The rear and front brakes of this monster are both cooling disc type and its suspension system is coil spring type.

The weight of the car is 1645 kg, which has been tried to be as light as possible. However, with the power of the engine that it can produce, its maximum speed is 310 km/h and its acceleration from 0-100 is about 3.8 seconds. The combined fuel consumption of this car with this massive 8-cylinder engine is only 9.4 liters per 100 kilometers.

Amenities – Benz GTS entertainment

Shortcut keys on the steering wheel, 10.25-inch multimedia screen, 12.3-inch digital odometer, automatic air conditioning, front power windows, air quality control, Keyless entry and start, seat heater, lumbar adjustment, navigation system, front and rear parking sensor, rain sensor, sunroof, moonroof, 360 degree camera, Start from outside the car, seat ventilation

Benz GTS safety features

ABS brakes, stability control, driver and passenger airbags, curtain and side airbags, electric steering AMG Sport front and rear suspensions, brake assist, side impact beams, front impact beams, tire pressure warning, engine immobilizer, front collision warning sensor, rear view camera, blind spot warning, lane driving system, Changer, cruise control, autopark, traction control, height adjustment

مرسدس بنز GTS
Benz GTS driving experience

We are excited! To see one of the stars on the road, we would like to thank Mr. Abbas Shaygan for providing his Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS to the IR Lux Cars team for testing. This might be one of the best moments of any car lover's life that they come across. The son of Khalaf AMG will be tested and checked in Tehran this time. Whatever I say about the beauty of this yellow car, I have said less. The front view is more aggressive than its father sls and it is as if two nervous eyes are looking at the road floor. The arc curve has a special shape. The hood is still long.

The graphics of the headlights stand out strongly. A large grille in the same style as the father, and a large Benz emblem in the middle. He is full of grandeur. From the side view, it has its own unique shape and image. Wheels with extremely attractive black rims that add to the beauty of the car. Wow, Mercedes-Benz has such a taste! The round window frame is harmonious and modern with its curved roof, and the rear view of this Benz is even more beautiful than that. The rear view is decorated with the holy name amg on one side and the Benz GTS symbol on the other A fixed wing on the trunk and long and beautiful lights on both sides, plus two large exhausts on both sides of the bumper and wide and big wheels, bring the pinnacle of the design of Benz artists.

مرسدس بنز GTS

Now that we know the attractive face of Benz, it is better to drive it. It is considered a relatively short car, when we open the door, it has a very spacious cabin. In fact, the size of the GTS is smaller than the SLS, but its cabin space is larger than its father. The cabin is designed in a special and attractive way as if a pilot wants to sit inside the fighter's cabin. We did not say wrong. Everything is under the pilot's control. Aside from its small and compact steering wheel, its large and thick middle console delights people. What attracted us a lot is the design of the full leather cabin with red upholstery. In addition, its gear handle is very special and unique. The driver does not bother himself much to get access to the car keys And it is completely dominant.

The engine of this car strongly reacts to low-quality gasoline, and considering the gasoline in the country, you should not trust any gas station. Now we go to start this car. When you press the start button, the monster inside will wake up. The roar of an 8-cylinder engine that melts the heart of every car lover. The cabin is designed so that the sound of the engine reach the driver's ears. Now the exhaust output is fully adjustable and you can deliver the sound to the audience as you wish. We put the gear on the drive mode and press the foot firmly on the gas pedal.

مرسدس بنز GTS

The acceleration is insane, it takes about 4 seconds for the car to reach 100 km/h from standstill. The sound of the engine is crazy and exhilarating. This car can reach a maximum speed of 310 km, and it reaches the desired speed very soon. as if inside the car tank instead of gasoline Enriched uranium has been dumped. No matter how fast we were going, the GTS brakes were much more efficient than we imagined. Of course, one of our problems for driving this monster was the bad roads. Due to the low height of the car, we had problems passing through some speed bumps. However, the amazing acceleration and speed of this car along with the excellent handling of those turns and when going around It is special and exceptional.

Of course, it goes without saying that this is not the first GT that has entered our country, 4 other GTs with different colors have entered our country before. The white GT Benzes that came to the country from Canada and were our guests for several years. A red GT that you have probably seen in the movie Rearview Mirror, which of course had a bad fate and ended up in the parking lot of the property due to various issues, and two gray GTs. who had entered the country before this GTS. Of course, this GTS reviewed by the IR Lux team was very attractive with this color code, and of course, the most important thing is that this yellow color code is different from the color code of the only yellow SLS in Iran. In the end, I should say that we did not find the price of zero kilometers for this car, but the price of its used models varied from 96,000 euros to 135,000 euros.

A look at Mercedes-Benz GTS and acceleration with this car in Iran

Photographer: Farid Abedi

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