Scania Trucks Review

Scania Trucks Review

In everything, love and affection always play the first role. In the car debate, it is this love that causes so many things to happen to car enthusiasts. For example, a truck driver whose car must always be clean before leaving, do you agree that everyone makes love to his car in some way? Today we want to talk about deadly trucks or trailers of a Swedish brand. Yes, as you guessed, it was not Volvo! Our sweet talk is about Scania trailers. Trailers that travel a lot on the roads of the country and are one of the most popular in the country. Scania is one of the largest truck manufacturers in the world and its reputation has definitely reached everyone. The company has used the names S, R, P, G and L to categorize its trailers, of which only three models R, G and P are available in the country. Well, let's have a brief review of the different models of these trailers.

R Series :

The R Series is one of the most popular and fullest trailers produced by Scania. This killer is designed for long distances, and in a way, if you are looking for Scania products for transit, the R model is the best choice. This model has been on the production line since 2004, which due to its technical points and good specifications, was able to reach the top truck of the year in the world in 2005 and 2010. This room is mostly with the code R420 in Iran, the number 420 indicates its power in terms of horsepower. This power varies from 280 to 730 horsepower. In this version, two models, Top line and high line, are used. High line room with a height of one meter and 93 cm and top line room with a height of two meters and 10 cm are very spacious and comfortable for long trips.

P Series :

These models are mostly designed for city transportation and short distances. The P series is a very suitable model for firefighting use. Also, the power of this model varies from 220 to 500 hp and can be purchased.

G Series :

The G Series is more suitable for carrying liquids and fuel loads. This version is designed for intercity freight in 2007. The engines of this series vary from 280 to 500 hp.

Now, after reviewing the different models of Scania trucks, it is better to get acquainted with the engines used in them. Scania typically uses three types of engines for these trucks, each of which has a different engine size and power.

Linear five-cylinder engines :

These types of torches with a volume of 9 liters in four models of 280, 320, 340 and 360 hp are installed on the trucks of this Swedish company.

Linear six-cylinder engines :

In the six-cylinder engines produced by Scania, there are two types of 7 and 13 liter engine volumes. Seven-liter engines produce 220, 250 and 280 horsepower for the driver, respectively, and in the 13-liter type, which is naturally one of the powerful engines of this company, 370, 410, 450 and 500 horsepower, respectively, can be experienced. کرد.

Eight-cylinder engines :

Scania eight-cylinder engines all have a 16-liter engine. The lowest power in the eight-cylinder engine produces 520 horsepower and the most powerful engine used in Scania tractors produces 730 horsepower. 580 and 650 hp are also available.

Further information :

Most of these engines are equipped with a 12-speed automatic transmission that has a clutch to start moving. Also, two rear gears are applied on this gearbox.

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