Introduction Toyota Corolla Cross 2022

Introduction Toyota Corolla Cross 2022

Certainly, after hearing the name of Toyota Corolla, we all imagine a compact and lovely sedan in our minds, which is one of the least depreciated cars in the world in its class. But this time the situation is a little different, this time the Japanese introduced the Corolla to the world as a crossover. The crossover was first introduced at a car show in June this year.

According to information released by Toyota, customers can buy the base version and single differential Corolla Cross for $ 22,195. Toyota plans to produce 150,000 Corolla crosses in its one-year plan, and has promised customers a hybrid powertrain..

Currently, the two-liter Corolla Cross engine with 169 horsepower and 203 Nm of torque is the only option available to enthusiasts, although Toyota will receive about $ 1,300 more for the two-differential version. In the fullest version with XLE AWD code, you have to pay $ 27,625 for features such as a seven-inch display, rear air conditioning vents, keyless entry system, LED headlights, 18-inch wheels, heated side mirrors. Take advantage of the ten-way electric chair and seat.

This crossover, which is a kind of replacement for the Toyota Chr model, incorporates a combination of modern and classic designs in its design. In the front view, we remember Korean products at first glance, but with a closer look, we can see a little inconsistency in the relationship between the front window and the headlights. The rear view is not as appealing as the front, and this may look nice to some other people, but Toyota has done much better in the interior. The trapezoidal design of the air conditioning vents, which passes through the infotainment screen with a beautiful and delicate strip to reach the other side of the dashboard, has given a special effect to the dashboard. In general, considering the market in different countries, Toyota has also promised to produce a hybrid version, which is also a step towards reducing the production of gasoline and internal combustion engines.

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