Everything we need to know about tires

Everything we need to know about tires

Perhaps the use of tires for cars can be described as the use of shoes for humans. Therefore, tires are a very important criterion in car use. Today we are going to examine tires in this article. So stay with us until the end and share your opinions.

Rubber or Tire (Latin Tire - Tire) is a material that is flexible and absorbs impact. Most of the material of car tires is made of a material called rubber, which is why in Iran car tires are also called rubber. In addition, materials such as rubber, sulfur, wire, yarn, soot, oil, accelerators and protectors are used in car tires. A preservative called a zinc acid compound is added to the tire, which prevents the tire from rotting against fungi and bacteria for a while and prevents this.

Car tires are generally divided into two categories, the category that inflates and the category that does not inflate, which are called solid tires. These tires do not need to inflate. Inflatable tires are also divided into two categories, tubular tires and tubeless or tubeless tires. Tubed tires need a tube to inflate. They are twice as likely to explode as the tubeless type. Tubeless tires are more capable of receiving pressure and impact and are newer.

There are different types of Iranian and foreign tires in the market, each of which has its own fans. Some people believe that Iranian tires are not different from foreign tires in terms of quality and both have the same quality. But others believe that foreign tires are much better than the Iranian model. Now the question is which view is really correct and more correct? In response, we must say that if we are considering choosing between Chinese and Iranian tires, Iranian models are definitely a better option to buy. But if we want to choose between Japanese-Korean and Iranian models, the foreign model is definitely better. When buying and choosing tires, you should consider a few things, some of which we will mention below.

Tire production date :

The date of manufacture is engraved on the body of each tire. It should be noted that this date will be very important. Because the fresher the tire, the better the quality. The total life of tires is about three to four years or 65,000 thousand kilometers, and then you have to replace it. When buying, try to buy a tire that has not been in production for a long time.

Load bearing index :

Each tire has the ability to withstand a certain weight and will not be able to withstand more than that. This specific limit is inserted as a number on the rubber body. So pay attention to this as well.

Maximum speed :

You may be wondering if it is possible to experience any desired speed with one type of tire? For each type of tire, the maximum speed is considered, which is specified and written on the body, and we should not move faster than this number.

Maximum wind pressure :

When the car is at speed, due to the friction factor, the air pressure inside the tire increases and sometimes even increases its bursting. Therefore, it is better to use tires that have more load bearing.

Tire width :

The tires have different width sizes and we have to choose according to the type of driving and its different uses. If you drive at high speeds, look for wide and short crotch tires. Because these tires are designed for high speeds.

Rubber resistance to heat or cold :

In hot regions, this issue is very important and special attention should be paid to it. When the tire is moving, the body itself receives a lot of heat, and also the hot asphalt during the day and the heat of the air can increase this, so the tire must be able to show good resistance. The amount of this resistance and information is written on the tire body. To choose a tire, you need to see how much budget you will have with you. Iranian tires are a good option to buy and will start your business. But if you have a bigger budget, foreign models will be more reliable. External tires are more suitable for using off-road and high model cars and long chassis and get a better score.

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