Testing and reviewing Chevrolet Camaro Convertible RS 2014 in Iran

Testing and reviewing Chevrolet Camaro Convertible RS 2014 in Iran

Hello to all of you friends and companions, welcome to another article on IR-LuxeCars site! In this article, at your request, dear ones, we have dealt with the popular work of Chevrolet Camaro, I hope you will stay with us until the end and write your comments, criticisms and suggestions to us.
Before entering the main topic, we will introduce you to Camaro, one of Chevrolet's most popular and sporty products.

Introducing Camaro :

The Camaro is a mid-size American car that falls into the category of muscle cars. The first generation of this car dates back to September 29, 1966. It entered the market in 1967 and was introduced as a competitor to the Ford Mustang. It is interesting to know that the platform and the main components of this car are similar to its own sister Pontiac Firebird. It is said that since the production of the first generation Camaro, about 5 million copies have been sold. Of course, in 6 generations and in different models that came to the market.

What does the name Camaro mean?

When the CEO of Chevrolet introduced the new model of his car at the press conference, he chose the name Camaro for it, reporters asked what Camaro means and they said Camaro means small creature and The villain who eats the Mustang! And this name has been on this small and evil animal since 1967. Of course, it goes without saying that Camaro In French it means friend and friend.

Camaro in Iran :

The Camaro has had many fans in Iran for a long time. They loved his engine. Old Camaros are still popular in Iran, but after the Revolution of 1957, American cars were banned from entering the country and are still banned. There is no American barrier to free zones. The Camaro we are discussing is one of those Americans.

Camaro discussed in this article :

The Chevrolet Camaro that we reviewed and analyzed is an rs convertible and a 2014 model. This car uses a 3.6-liter 6-cylinder engine that can produce 325 horsepower. Power and 378 Nm of torque to produce this power to the rear wheels. The speed of this 6-cylinder monster reaches 100 km / h in 6.2 seconds and can reach a top speed of 250 km / h. Of course, this amount of speed is limited to kilometers. In addition to all these features, this car is equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission and its combined fuel consumption is 11.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

welfare amenities :

This Chevrolet Camaro has: xenon headlights, daytime running lights, shark antenna, 6-mode soft and sport seats with heater, 7-inch infotainment display, compass, Companion lights, Boston Acoustic audio system with 9 speakers, satellite radio, shortcut buttons on the steering wheel, the ability to start from the car switch, Navigation system is.

Safety and technical facilities :

Among the safety and technical facilities in this car can be Sport suspension, anti-slip differential system, disc brakes equipped with anti-lock braking system (ABS), Driver and passenger airbags, side and curtain, Rear view camera, crash prevention system, tire pressure gauge, stability control system and traction control system, Rear gear sensor pointed.

Driving experience :

From the outside, the attractive appearance of this car amazed us, the special yellow color, rough and muscular face with those 20-inch alloy wheels attracts everyone's attention! Of course, the owner of this car has used the front bumper of ZL1, which has doubled its charm. In the rear view, you can see attractive LED lights and double exhaust on both sides of the rear bumper, which make a lot of noise. The car is bulkier and more muscular than you think.

We open the car door and sit inside the car What really caught our eye were the soft, leather, bulky seats that fully embrace you. The Camaro's roof itself is short, and tall people may be a little out of shape. They also have a problem, also the low space behind and behind the front seats is not at all suitable for tall and large people, in addition, the car is a little too bulky and big, which is certainly if you dominate it. Do not be in trouble. Despite all this, one thing you will always encounter about American cars is their wide cab space. That is why most Iranians liken American cars to ships.

This car is no exception to this rule and despite the short roof and little space behind the seat, but it is wide and spacious. Another interesting point is that Camaro with all this Positive features, but at the same time it has a very simple cabin and the number of options does not reach some cars of the same generation. Of course, for the 2014 model car, the same amount of options and facilities is enough But it is not comparable to other sports cars. In addition, the cabin is made of hard plastic, which greatly annoys the driver and passenger. There is no mention of softness and softness in most parts of the cabin. Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. LT is?! We turn the switch, the analog screen in front of us lights up and now the pleasant moment of the unique start of this car Which acts as a sedative. We start! The audible sound of a 6-cylinder engine strikes our ears.

At the suggestion of our colleague, we open the roof of the car. It takes 14 seconds for the roof of the car to open completely Now it's time to see how many dead this American monster is; Put the gear in D mode, press the accelerator pedal to the bottom, the car will reach 100 speed in about 7.5 seconds We reach kilometers per hour. Of course, it is not bad for a car with an approximate weight of 1800 kg and 325 hp. Leaving aside the issue of acceleration and speed, however, we come to a hot and interesting discussion of the driving experience with this monster; It is a very hard and bad car, it has dry steering, dry suspension and hard driving Its handling is one of its positive points. Of course, if you do not have enough skills, you will have problems with this car while driving because it is a very wild car. In particular, we advise you to be very careful at the corners and avoid biting the head as much as possible, because the wild Camaro is very uncontrollable. And the end of the car may slip and you may lose control. While driving, if you look at the side mirrors and rearview mirrors, you will notice that it is bulky.

Of course, it looks bigger than our domestic cars, but in the United States, this car is not that big. The speed of this car is quite good and you can easily hear the sound of its good propulsion in the cabin when you press your foot on the accelerator pedal. In addition to the desired speed, this car has very good brakes that give a sense of trust and confidence to the driver. In addition, the gearbox works very well with the engine and with a reverse you can reach the peak of excitement. We want to tell you that this car is actually a combination of power, speed, excitement, challenge, skill, acceleration, trust and confidence.

We have reached the end of this article, we ask those who are interested to send us their comments, criticisms and suggestions.
Photographer: Farid Abedi

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