The Safest Domestic Cars in Iran

The Safest Domestic Cars in Iran

Usually when we talk about safety among domestic cars, we often think that the bigger and stronger the car, the safer it is. If the safety factors to save the lives of passengers and drivers are far from public opinion. In the first place, maintaining the cabin in frontal collisions is one of the most important factors in the safety debate. If we want to explain this a little more clearly, you should know that in the event of an accident, all the engine parts and even the dashboard should not penetrate into the cabin. In fact, the driver and passengers should not be under pressure from these parts in the first blow. Also, another factor that is checked in crash tests is that the doors do not open during severe shocks. Because opening the doors causes the occupants to be thrown out of the car, which in itself can be discussed in general and separately. In addition to these factors, the non-lift of the rear wheels during the collision, the safety of the windows and the non-bending of the columns and roof are among the other factors that are fully analyzed.

Well, now it is better to review some examples of the safest cars produced in the country. Of course, first of all, it is better to consider that these cars that we are reviewing in the following have been tested in the original samples. For example, the original Peugeot 206 definitely has a higher alloy and strength than the Iranianized model!

1- Peugeot 206 :

The Peugeot 206 was first produced in 1998 in France. This lovely car is one of the safest domestic cars because it has been analyzed in the most reputable crash test institute, Euro Encap. The Peugeot 206 was tested at the institute in 2000, receiving four out of five safety stars to save the lives of the occupants. These four stars were due to the same things we mentioned above.

2- Kia Rio :

Kia compact and popular sedan is another safe car in the Iranian market. Rio, which was assembled by Saipa in Iran, is at a good level in terms of safety by obtaining three stars from the prestigious Euro Encap Institute. This car, which has been produced since 2002, its engine and chassis were designed by Ford Company, and this particular case of chassis design is one of the factors in Rio's success in obtaining three stars from the Eurocup Institute. Extremely high aerodynamics and good handling of the Rio have also contributed to the high safety of this sedan.

3- Renault L90 :

The low-depreciation and popular product of the French, with three safety stars in 2005 from the Euronap Institute, is another safe car in the domestic market. This sedan is one of the attractive options for Iranians to buy due to its high safety and low depreciation.

Of course, a series of other domestic products such as Dena, Samand, Tara and Shahin have been tested in some different institutions that are not approved by the world in terms of credit, so they have no place in this list! It may be interesting for you to know that Pride was tested in one of the prestigious American institutes, which resulted in serious injuries to the occupants during the accident. In this test, the columns, doors and roof were bent strangely ...! The dashboard and parts inside the hood also completely hit the manikin inside the cabin, which of course we all know due to the awful history of this car!

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