Review of Bahman Motor Respect Sedan

Review of Bahman Motor Respect Sedan
Introduction and review of Respect sedan car

Hello to all car enthusiasts and the specialized website of IR-LuxeCars! We are at your service with another article from the series of car testing and review articles, and this time we have gone to a Chinese car, namely Respect Bahman Motor, so accompany us until the end of this article.

Where did the Respect car come from?

Respect is the real name of Kevin Zhuando, which has entered the Chinese market since 2021. An upgraded version of the Chery Arezzo 7 that is relatively different from other Chery products in our country. Quinn is a Chinese company that has been producing products under Chery since 2018, and now, along with Bahman Motors, it produces Respect sedans (meaning respectable) in Iran.

Respect Sedan
What is the price of Respect?

Bahman Motor Company has already shown itself in the Iranian market with Fidelity and Dignity products. The Respect sedan is priced at around 11-14 thousand dollars in the Chinese market, and in Iran, no specific price has been set yet, but the price will be between 600 and 800 million tomans.

What is the propulsion of a respectable car?

The car is powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that can produce 156 horsepower and 230 Nm of torque. This car has a CVT gearbox with 9-speed artificial gear shift (Tronic type) and can deliver power and torque generated by the engine to the front wheels. It has 16 valves and can go up to 210 km / h. The combined fuel consumption of this car is about 7.5 liters per 100 kilometers. The weight of the car is about 1400 kg.

Respect Sedan
Amenities of Respect Bahman Motor

As usual, Respect Chinese cars are full of options so that other weaknesses are less visible. This car has keyless entry and start, cruise control, economy and sport driving mode, electric air conditioning, 360-degree camera, wireless mobile phone charger, multimedia with 10.25-inch touch monitor, cabin lighting with color selection, light sensor, Sunroof, 6-way power seat, front seat heater, tire pressure sensor, power steering, auto hold, stability control, traction control, uphill start control, 6 airbags, rear gear sensor, anti-glare rearview mirror, privacy glass Doors and rear window, safety system for obstructing windshield and sunroof, 6 speakers,

Everything about the design and appearance of the Respect car!

It should be said that the face of this car is the result of the unremitting efforts of Chinese imitators of other products in the world. You can clearly see the headlights of Peugeot products in the front view, if we say that in the design of the windshield, it is borrowed to some extent from Dodge, we are not wrong, and in general, the front view and design is in the style of Volkswagen sedans. However, it has an attractive front view. In the side view, except for the 17-inch cut and attractive rims, you can see nothing but a line drawn to the trunk. The rear view of the Respect sedan may remind you of Kia Optima or new BMW products, but it completely gives the car a beautiful style with those exhausts on both sides. Due to its size, this car is in the category of C-class sedans and has Length, width and height are: 4666, 1825 and 1483 mm, respectively.

Respect Sedan
View inside the Respect cabin

The interior of the cabin is extremely simple but with a good and desirable design. A separate screen from the dashboard designed in the style of BMW cars. Two large air intake vents in the middle of the dashboard and then the center console with the keys needed by the driver and gear lever and at the end of the center console, we reach the keys of driving mode selection, seat heating, park and ….

The steering wheel of the Respect sedan is designed in a cut-out D-shape with shortcut keys on it. It is similar to the Fidelity and Dignity steering wheel. BMW. So that when you sit in the car, you will notice their similarity from the first moment. This car is very spacious and suitable for a family due to its dimensions. Another positive point is the separate air conditioning for the rear passengers.

Many experts believe that with its attractive appearance and of course the features that this respectable car offers to the customer, it can have a better future than other Chinese sedans in our country’s market. What is your opinion?

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