Introducing the new Peugeot Pars ELX

Introducing the new Peugeot Pars ELX
New Peugeot Pars ELX with TU5 engine

Hello dear visitors of IR-LuxeCars site, today we will be with you with a detailed review of Iran Khodro’s almost new product. Peugeot Pars, which was produced in Iran two decades ago, is one of the oldest so-called French cars in the country. In fact, it is a kind of Iranian car revolution that Peugeot Pars, which with a relatively rough and attractive design, of course, in the 80s was able to gain a good position among Iranians, so much so that neighboring countries such as Iraq and Syria also wanted this French sedan.

Peugeot Pars ELX

This sedan, which is the facelifted version of the Peugeot 405, has experienced a variety of powertrains over the past two decades. The XU7 and tu5 engines are the main engines used in this car. The model that our team examined today is the latest version of Peugeot Pars ELX. This model, nicknamed Pars ELX of the year, is equipped with a tu5 engine with a volume of 1.6L and 105 horsepower. Of course, this car will also be produced with the XU7 engine, but the Pars ELX with the tu5 engine is at a higher level than the xu7 model in terms of options and amenities.

The XU7 will come with features such as ABS and EBD brakes, dual airbags, automatic air conditioning, immobilizer, thermometer, light and rain sensors, power folding mirrors, rear-view camera and sensor, and tire pressure sensor. In contrast, the tu5 version, in addition to the above features, also uses a cruise control system. But in the end, we hope that Iranian products, in addition to the glitter we read above, will also reach the desired level in terms of safety, because the most important of these options is to protect the lives of passengers and car safety in accidents.

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