Test and Review of Kia Cerato Coupe 2015

Test and Review of Kia Cerato Coupe 2015
Kia Cerato Coupe

Hello to all the companions of the specialized website of IR-LuxeCars , join us with another interesting article of testing and reviewing an attractive car! This time, the IR-LuxeCars team has gone to the popular Korean, Kia Cerato. In the following, we will go into more details about this Korean product.

History of Kia Cerato

Kia Cerato (Kiaforte in USA – Kia K3 in South Korea – Kia Shuma in China) is a small car that has been on the Kia product line since 2003. This car has been available from the beginning in a variety of 5-door hatchbacks, coupes and sedans 4 doors were introduced to the market. Also, Cerato and Hyundai Elantra use a common platform. They are also producing that will not find their way to Iran.

Kia Cerato Coupe 2015
Cerato in Iran

There are 3 generations of Cerato in Iran. The first generation was imported by Atlas Automobile. The second generation, which is abundant in Iran, was assembled by Saipa some time after its import in 1993, but after the sanctions in 1998, the assembly of this generation in Iran was completely stopped. The third generation is limited in number per Two types of sedans and coupes entered the country.

Cerato we tested and reviewed

This Cerato is a coupe version of the third generation and model 2015, which has a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine with 173 hp and 209 Nm of torque. This power and torque is transmitted to the front wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission. Acceleration from 0-100 Kia Cerato tested by IR Luxe Karz team: 8.5 seconds and its combined fuel consumption is 7.4 liters per 100 kilometers.

Kia Cerato Coupe 2015
Amenities-Entertainment Kia Cerato Coupe

Air conditioning, 12V power outlet, bottle holder, keyless start and entry, driver’s foot rest area, air light sensor for lights, heated mirrors, backlight, engine immobilizer, leather steering wheel, 6 speakers, rear view mirror And day, Windows power, rear window demister, trip computer, sunroof ambient temperature display, sport pedal, automatic climate control, navigation system

Cerato Coupe safety features

Driver and passenger airbags, ABS brakes, auxiliary brakes, cruise control, electric brake force distribution, electronic stability system, emergency stop warning, head airbags, uphill assist system, rear and front parking distance sensor, power steering, gear camera Rear, side impact doors, traction control,

Kia Cerato Coupe 2015
Kia Cerato driving experience

Koreans do not need to be introduced, carmakers who always try to offer the best to their customers. Although the car provided to the IR Luxury Cars team is less optional than the rest of the company’s cars, it still has its own elegance and toughness. We start with the face. The front is decorated with large headlights and a narrow windshield. In the side view, the first thing that catches your attention are the rims with the beautiful design of the flower petals. In addition, the fact that it has two doors is very, very visible and has a very attractive hand and curve from the side view.

In the rear view, you can see a beautiful light, part of which is located on the trunk lid. Red lights in the middle of which are yellow guide and white for rear gear warning. In addition, you can see a black chrome spoiler at the bottom and of course two inscriptions Cerato and coupe on the sides. Of course, in Iran, the second generation Cerato coupe is abundant. And from this generation that our team is studying, they rarely travel in Iran. If we want to make a comparison between the faces of the two generations, we must say that the new generation has used far more curved lines than the previous generation.

When you open the door of the Kia Cerato coupe, you will notice the lack of a bezel around the windows, which has added to the beauty of the car. (This is also seen only in coupe cars). It gives you a great feeling of comfort when you sit in the driver’s seat. Steering wheel with shortcut keys, fully accessible dashboard and convenient space for the driver’s legs, which is suitable even for tall people. In front of our eyes we saw a simple but practical kilometer screen that had everything we needed.

The design of the Kia Cerato Coupe dashboard is very simple and attractive, but it still does not have good material quality and compressed plastic is used in most of its space. You will not see an extra or unused key in the dashboard. Some of the necessary keys are placed on the steering wheel and some on the left side of the driver. Perhaps the only drawback and the most attractive drawback of the Cerato Coupe is that it has two doors, because in order for the rear passenger to exit, the driver or student seat must be bent forward. Of course, it has been said that the rear space is not suitable for 3 people.

Let’s go to test the Kia Cerato coupe engine and its handling and acceleration! We start. The sound of the engine is hard to hear because the cabin is completely insulated. For Korean cars, low quality and low power engines are usually considered. However, many Korean engines in Iran break down rapidly due to poor fuel and handling. We prepare for acceleration and put the gear in drive or D mode and press the attractive and sporty accelerator pedal to the bottom. It does not have amazing acceleration but it is standard.

The handling and braking of this car is also optimal. Over the past few years, Kia has tried to do better in terms of engine and fuel consumption, and this can be seen in the Cerato.

Photo: Farid Abedi

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