Introducing the new 206 Type 3 car

Introducing the new 206 Type 3 car
Introducing the new 206 Type 3 glass roof

Hello and good morning, your service, dear companions of IR-LuxeCars website. We are very happy and proud that you are giving your valuable time to our team. Today, in this article, we are going to review the new 206 Type 3 car with a glass roof. So stay with us until the end.

Iran Khodro Company has recently unveiled a new 206, called the three-glass roof type. As the name suggests, the roof of this car, as its name suggests, is glass and somewhat panoramic. The appearance of the car is no different from previous models and still uses the same design and gives the driver the same feeling of old age. Be. Of course, it should be said that 206 has always had its own fans and audience, and especially young people consider it their favorite car.

206 Glass roof

The 206 Type 3 is only available with a manual gearbox and uses a 1.4-liter engine called the TU3. This engine is capable of producing 75 horsepower and 118 Nm of torque. He pointed to low fuel consumption and reasonable engine power.

In the facilities and equipment section of 206 Type 3, we can mention automatic ventilation, four electric windows, 2 airbags, rear bowl brake, active antenna, etc. Iran Khodro might have been able to make more changes in both the appearance and the technical part by using the knowledge of our country’s engineers and inventors. However, Iran Khodro Company was satisfied with this amount and did not make significant changes.

206 Type 3

If we want to compare the 206 Type 3 glass roof with another car, we have to compare it with the new product of the car management company, the new 315 mvm. Car executives have used a 4-speed automatic transmission in their new product. Compared to the previous model, the sunroof has also been added. In the technical part, the new 315 uses a 1.5-liter engine, which can be considered somewhat more powerful than the 206 Type 3 engine.

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