Introducing the BMW M5 Competition Model 2021

Introducing the BMW M5 Competition Model 2021

Again Bavaria, again a miracle in the automotive industry, we are talking about the M5 2021. Heart rate and adrenaline rush are the first changes in the body of any person after riding in this wonderful model.

Exterior and interior design :

The face of the M5 Competition is more aggressive and rough than other versions. The three-dimensional design lights and the same color of the rim, ceiling and windshield have added to the charm of this series of five. In the cabin, we encounter the same dashboard as the regular version, with the difference that there are changes in the upholstery. The placement of two keys to use the M Power options in the center console is also evident.

Beating heart and technical specifications :

617 horsepower with the help of the 4.4-liter eight-cylinder twin-turbocharged engine makes the M5 competition more like its bigger brother, the M8. BMW has made this model 17 horsepower more than the regular version and nearly 94 horsepower more than the M550 Xdrive. According to the Bavarian engineers themselves, this model is the most powerful five series at the moment, which has the ability to accelerate from zero to one hundred in just 2.9 seconds. The eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission transmits the output torque to the Pirelli tires in a fraction of a second, to show off the excitement and power of BMW, based on the driver's decision and needs in 2WD, 4WD and 4WD Sport. Is available.

Suspension and handling :

The M-Power adaptive suspension in SPORT PLUS mode is designed for rough and winding roads, providing the driver with extremely high handling while maintaining balance in turns and wheel control. Meanwhile, the M5 COMPETITION becomes a quiet and pleasant city car in normal driving mode, which is a major reason for customers to choose and buy it. In fact, in times when the driver needs great excitement and acceleration, this first-class sedan offers the best performance and also instills a good feeling of a luxury and modern sedan to the passengers while driving in the city. One of the attractive options of this version is the choice of two custom driving modes by the driver. You can adjust a specific driving mode for yourself in the idrive system by adjusting the throttle, suspension, steering, exhaust and even the intensity of the gear change.

Price :

The price of this wonderful sedan starts from $ 105,495, which will be added to the price of these legendary four-door doors if more options are chosen.

Comparison with domestic M5 :

Comparing the latest production model in the world with the versions available in our country may be interesting and exciting. Although the E60 version available in the country with a national license plate inside Iran was unofficially assembled, the comparison between father and son is definitely attractive. The interior model, which runs in the E60 room, features a powerful five-liter five-liter engine with an exciting 507 horsepower that still has the ability to compete with its son. The second M5 in the country, which is kind of the most powerful five-door series, is known by the code F10. This sedan, along with the beauty and good driving sensation with the beating heart of the 4.4-liter turbocharger, transmits 560 horsepower to the wheels, which makes the Bavarians extremely attractive. The F10 accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.4 seconds.

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