Comparison of 4 Chinese SUV in market

Comparison of 4 Chinese SUV in market

At present, several Chinese cars have entered the Iranian market, which can be considered to be of higher quality than domestic cars, and weaker than Korean and foreign cars. Today, in this article, we are going to review the four Chinese long chassis on the market, namely Jack s5, Chery Tigo 5, Haval h2 and byd s6, and announce a winner in each section and item. So stay with us until the end and share your comments and suggestions with us.

Propulsion and technical power: BYD S6

Byd is a more valuable company than its competitors and has sold its products in continental Europe. Some time ago, byd was the sponsor of the Arsenal football team, and the players of this team used the cars of this car factory. The S6 is powered by a 4.2-liter inline four-cylinder engine that produces 160 horsepower and 229 Nm of torque, and scores well given the car's larger size than other competitors. This Chinese long chassis can be called a suitable option for use in intercity and travel routes. The appearance of this car is modeled on the second generation Lexus RX. Despite all the positive points, unfortunately the byd s6 has a big problem. Due to the weakness of the work of Carmania Company, which is the sales representative of BYD in Iran, the products of this company have a very weak sales market in Iran and are difficult to buy and sell.

Design and appearance: Chery Tiggo 5

Thanks to Chery's partnership with Jaguar and Landover, the front design of the Tigo 5 is the same as the front design of the Landover products and shows a lot of beauty. Its design is inspired by fish anatomy and water elements. Tigo's appearance satisfies any audience and conveys a sense of luxury to you. The car's taillights on the facelift models represent the English letter C, which is the initial letter of the word Chery. The lines drawn on both sides of the car double the beauty and elegance and make you happy. Disadvantages of Tigo 5 include poor acceleration and poor gearbox ratio.

Construction quality: Haval H2

Haval has been able to make significant progress with careful planning and a clear goal. The company's products have even sold well in global markets such as Australia. The Haval H2 and H9 are also among China's best-selling cars. In designing this car, German partners and reputable and well-known designers have been used. The quality of parts and raw materials is largely acceptable and can satisfy you. Unfortunately, due to economic sanctions against Iran, Haval Company left our country, and this caused the company's product, h2, to not experience good sales, and therefore could not succeed in the Iranian market.

Sales Market: Jack S5

Jack S5 can definitely be considered one of the best-selling Chinese cars made in the Iranian market. Because this popular long chassis has some good features. Sporty and beautiful face, acceptable facilities and equipment, relatively high power and also a strong sales market, has made the S5 one of the best-selling and most popular in the Iranian market. Of course, Jack S5 has its weaknesses, but the positive points of this car outweigh the negative points. The use of the turbo engine and the possibility of its failure due to poor quality gasoline and high maintenance costs can be considered as one of the negative points of the S5. Kerman Motor Company recently unveiled the Jack S5 with a new look, which underwent a slight change in the front of the car and also led to the use of a new engine.

Conclusion :

The four long chassis mentioned, as well as the Haima S7, are in a somewhat competitive price range. The choice and purchase of each of them depends on the taste of each person, which feature is more important and based on that, he should make his choice. The pros and cons of each car were summarized and each audience chooses an option depending on their taste and decision. In the following articles, we will examine each product in more detail.

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