Comparison of the Korean Serato with the assembled version

Comparison of the Korean Serato with the assembled version

Comparison of the Korean Serato with the assembled version

Korean products are among the most popular automotive brands among us Iranians. Some cars such as Kia Cerato, Hyundai Sonata, Kia Sorento and... But one of the attractive Kia sedans that has been on the streets of Iran for more than ten years is the Cerato. Cerato, which is known in the world as Kia Forte, was imported from Korea at the beginning of its presence in Iran, and gradually, according to the agreements made, Kia Company entrusted the assembly of this sedan to Saipa Company. It is better to get to the core of the matter little by little. Comparing the differences and similarities of imported Seratos with Saipa montages...!

At first glance, you can easily recognize the difference in the size of the Korean Serato rim with the montage one. A work that domestic car manufacturers have special expertise in. The steel exhaust head is another appearance difference between these two sedans, which has created a more attractive and youthful appearance in the imported model. In imported Ceratos, there are brake lamps in both parts of the light. One on the light on the fender and the other next to it on the trunk light, which is limited to one bulb for the right hazard and one bulb for the left hazard on the assembled Ceratos. Inside the cabin, the differences are in the quality of the parts. Although it is new, it gives a pleasant feeling to the passengers, but the difference in quality cannot be easily overlooked.

Korean Serato

In the Korean Serato version, the quality of the steering wheel leather, keys on the steering wheel and other tools can be felt well, but unfortunately, the quality of these parts is extremely lower in the assembly version. In terms of amenities, the Saipai sample has nothing to say. Absence of stability control system, photochromic mirror and reduction of airbags from ten to two have been among Saipa's initiatives to make this Korean sedan less optional. Also, in both versions, the imported Serato uses the option of electric folding mirrors, which is not available in the Saipai model. In the technical department, both models use a 2-liter engine with a power of 154 horsepower.

Also, Saipa has launched another version with a 1.6 liter engine, which produces 124 horsepower, leaving buyers open to choose. As usual, Saipa has not broken the tradition this time and by removing the rear disc brakes and replacing the cup brake, it has brought a longer brake line for the assembled Serato...! In general, if we want to reach a general conclusion, there are no other changes except for a few small samples that we read together at the beginning. There are also a series of practical options that Saipa has removed from the assembly samples. Also, in terms of safety, thanks to the reduction of eight airbags, cup brakes and the lack of a stability control system, the safety of the assembled model is much lower than the imported version.

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