Ford and Mercedes-Benz Are Two Car Giants in the 70s

Ford and Mercedes-Benz Are Two Car Giants in the 70s

Ford and Mercedes-Benz are known as two car giants in the world. One is in the United States and the other is on the other side of the globe, in Germany. The two automakers that we rarely see competing for their products but are economically competitors. In this article from IR-LuxeCars site, we examine the performance of these two companies in the 70’s, a decade that is considered by many to be the golden decade of automobile manufacturing.

Ford Mustang 1973

Ford is one of the oldest and largest automakers in the United States. Ford products have always been seen as a symbol of America in the world, and products like the Mustang were a prime example of this. The Mustang project started in the early 60’s and was excellent until 1973. The Mustang shone alongside its rivals and was a symbol of Ford’s power and greatness. But in 1974 something happened that brought all American car companies to their knees and made it easier for European competitors! And that event is nothing but the US oil crisis! During which time oil prices rose 300 percent and American consumer cars, especially Ford, had no place in the market unless they changed their manufacturing practices.

Ford Mustang 1974

Ford had to abandon its large engines, design better and more aerodynamically, and ultimately reduce the fuel consumption of its cars. This was a good idea at first glance, but if you look at the number of Mustang sales from 1974 to 1979, you will notice a sharp decline! An era that Americans do not like at all! Although Ford was a little unsuccessful in producing the popular Mustang, it launched attractive products such as Gran Torino and Branco to prevent bankruptcy. The seventies can be considered the biggest Ford deal with the American economy, which was not so golden!

Mercedes-Benz, however, had no oil problems on the other side of the globe. Benz was always the first and in the seventies there was a lot of prosperity from this German company. The first real S-Class was produced and marketed in the seventies. This model had 2.8 liter to 6.8 liter engines and experienced good sales all over the world. The first ABS brake was also installed on the 1978 first-generation S-Class to become the headline of other companies.

Benz S Class 1970

But Benz did not focus only on the S-Class. Mercedes-Benz launched its first station wagon in the European market in the 1970s and was relatively well received. On the other hand, it launched its first turbo diesel car in these years, and it can be said that the 70’s were really golden for Mercedes-Benz and Germans!

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