Nissan 370Z Test and review

Nissan 370Z Test and review
Nissan 370Z came to the end of its life

Greetings to the companions and lovers of IR-LuxeCars website; We hope that you are all well. Without delay and wasting time, we are going to review the King of Drift in the world, Nissan 370Z. Has been with us to the end.

History of the Nissan 370Z

Nissan has always been one of the best car manufacturers in Southeast Asia. We Iranians have a lot of memories from the past with Nissan (Blue Nissan) vans and later with Nissan Patrol. This time, however, the situation is a little different and the car that our team is examining is not an ordinary car. The first generation of this car, called the S30, was introduced in 1969 with a 2.4-liter 150-horsepower engine and was passed down from generation to generation. The Nissan 370Z is a sequel to the 350Z, but the 370 Z has also expired and the Z will be launched in the New Year. It is interesting to note that the 370Z is known in Japan as the Fairlady Z Z34. It was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2006, and in 2020 the latest Nissan 370Z was launched, and that’s it!

Nissan 370Z
The most prominent features are the Nissan 370Z

This car is known in the world as King Drift, a car that has been used in all kinds of video games and movies around the world. The Nissan 370Z has long used a naturally aspirated 6-cylinder engine.

Nissan reviewed by the IR-LuxeCars team

The Nissan 370Z we are reviewing is a 2013 model and uses a 3.7-liter 6-cylinder engine with 332 hp and 366 hp of torque. This small Japanese dragon with such an engine burns about 13 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. Acceleration 0-100 Sultan Drift is 5.3 seconds, which has a relatively good acceleration due to its normal breathing, but has excellent secondary acceleration due to the volume of its engine. The final speed of this car is 253 km / h. Nissan puts this model in a 7-speed gearbox. Equipped with automatic transmission that transmits the power generated by the engine to the rear differential. Also, the attractive Japanese monster weighs only 1.5 tons.

welfare amenities

Keyless entry and exit, cruise control, automatic air conditioning, electric heated side mirrors, driver and passenger seat with electric settings and equipped with four-way adjustable heater, electrochromic mirror, entertainment system with 7-inch touch screen with satellite navigation And voice activation, rear view camera, Bluetooth-enabled audio system, USB / iPod input, satellite radio and eight Bose speakers

Safety features

Rear view camera, anti-lock brakes with cooling discs, electric brake force distribution, brake assist system, stability and traction control, front airbag for driver and passenger, side and curtain, non-slip differential

Driving experience with Nissan 370Z

Nissan 370Z is tested and evaluated by the 2013 IR Luxury Karz team in black. This car, like previous generations, has almost retained its oval shape, which makes the air easier to pass and also better aerodynamics. The front view is quite simple and a Nissan logo is located in the middle of the hood, which many It is believed that 370Z has not changed much after all these years. In the rear view, the car may have nothing but different door handles and attractive rims and a large Z logo on the fender, but in the rear view you will see an attractive wing or spoiler, its special lights, as well as the 370Z symbol and outlets. You are a big exhaust that has added to the attractiveness of this car more than ever.

OK! We go to the car and open the door, as soon as you get inside the car you feel that its space is relatively smaller than you imagine, the short roof and the seats attached to the sides and rear are not at all suitable for tall people. This short roof makes the windows smaller and does not provide enough visibility to the rear to the driver. Despite such a weakness in the design of the cabin, it also has attractive positive points, for example: the use of quality interior materials, comfortable seats and attractive analog and analog screens, and the attractive sound of a powerful engine, which makes the heart of any driver beat. The center console is full of keys that may deceive you, but this car is not as optional as you might think. However, the console is very compatible with the rest of the cabin, at the top of the dashboard and in In the center console you see three circular displays; One hour, one shows the battery status and the other shows the car amp temperature. Now is the time to move.

The starter you press, the fiery dragon that roars behind you and gets ready to fly. The sound of this car is very special and it is recommended to enjoy the exhaust cut-offs as much as you can. Now is the time to accelerate. And let’s see how many Nissan 370Zs are dead. As soon as the accelerator pedal is pressed, a bullet is thrown forward, although at first it seems a little weak acceleration, but then it appears so that its peer can be seen less. The pleasant sound of the engine is always heard at the peak speed Nissan 370Z is a bit dry car and this is its sporty feature and another problem that can be taken into account is the gear vibration at high speeds. But Sultan Drift is very interested in donuts and drifts. If you are driving a car with a thousand keys and driver assistance systems, it is recommended not to go for the Nissan 370Z, because 90% of the car is the driver and its control relies heavily on driving skills. This little Japanese monster has a very strong and good gearbox and handling, and you can not deny its attractive feature. The steering wheel is a bit stiff due to its sporty mode, but everything is under your control and supervision. This car is a special, attractive and powerful drifter.

Photographer: Farid Abedi - Location: Gilan

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