which one is better? Plug-in, hybrid or gasoline?

which one is better? Plug-in, hybrid or gasoline?

About 20-30 years ago, if someone was talking about a car, the first topic in the technical department was whether the car had a carburetor or an injector. In fact, that technology in cars ended with these two issues, but today we are even on the verge of eliminating some gasoline engines. Now the main question here is whether gasoline engines are better or electric or even plug-in which is a combination of electric and gasoline engines. To get the answer to this question, stay with IR Lux Karz site. The use of gasoline cars, in addition to their high depreciation, also has a negative effect on increasing emissions and clean life. Also, the reduction of fossil fuels and their shortage, especially in the future, has forced engineers to design and review these engines. In the following, we will introduce the types of engines and examine their advantages and disadvantages.


1- Hybrid cars

As the name suggests, hybrid cars are equipped with two different types of engines, which are usually designed as electric/gasoline. Sometimes most of the pressure and power is for the electric motor and in some cars this is the opposite. For example, imagine that next to the gasoline engine of your car, there is an auxiliary force with the desired power. Certainly, much less pressure is applied to the gasoline engine, and the result is increased efficiency, reduced depreciation and access to more power. Electric motors get their charge and power from the gasoline engine when the car is stationary, and the use of braking force also charges the battery in some hybrid cars.

2- plug-in hybrid cars

In addition to all the advantages of hybrid cars, these cars have a relatively strong lithium battery, which makes it possible to charge the batteries at home or at electric charging stations. This advantage means that in addition to having a gasoline car, you can travel about 70 to 100 km (depending on the car model) without gasoline by charging the battery once in the parking lot. Among the advantages of plug-in hybrid cars, the following can be mentioned: 1- These car models have very high fuel efficiency. 2- Plug-in hybrids have more power due to the presence of two electric-gasoline engines. 3- Depreciation and maintenance costs of these cars are less. 5- Hybrid cars are supported by governments because they are clean and cause little damage to the environment.


3- All electric cars

This version of the car does not have any gasoline engines and on the other hand, all the required power is provided by engines that are installed directly on the wheels. As a result, the total removal of gasoline engine accessories will reduce depreciation and numerous failures. On the other hand, the efficiency of electric motors is much higher than gasoline motors due to their mechanism.


4- Gasoline engines

The most familiar version of the engines is the gasoline version. All of us are somewhat familiar with how these engines work. Although the advantages of electric engines are much more than gasoline engines, many car lovers still prefer gasoline engines. The sense of power and sound of six and eight cylinder engines is one of the reasons that fans of these types of engines express. In general, gasoline engines have more advantages than electric engines in some cases. For example, in the cold seasons of the year, the operation and efficiency of gasoline engines is higher than electric engines, because in these conditions, in most cases, lithium batteries have problems.


According to the introductions, it can be concluded that electric engines are a great combination for cars along with gasoline engines. Because on the one hand, they reduce air pollution and depreciation, and on the other hand, the presence of a gasoline engine covers some of the disadvantages of electric engines, such as reducing their efficiency in winter.

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