Advantages and disadvantages of using a sport rims

Advantages and disadvantages of using a sport rims

Greetings to the precious companions of Luxe-Cars. We are very happy that you are giving your precious time to our team. Have you ever wondered about the issue of car rims, whether using a sports rim for a car is harmful or not?

Follow us to investigate this issue. Usually, young people are in favor of sports rims and tend to replace their standard car rims with sports models.

رینگ اسپرت خودرو - آی آز لوکس کارز

In general, car factories use two types of steel rims and aluminum alloy in their cars. Due to its high ductility and light weight, aluminum metal is a very good choice for any car company to use rims. Alloy aluminum rim has a very high durability, strength and durability and can show excellent resistance to shocks to the rim at high speeds. But non-alloy aluminum rims are less durable and can sometimes be dangerous. Of course, it should not be overlooked that many car factories also use magnesium and carbon in their rims. These two metals have a lighter weight and are also stronger.

Sport Rims - IR-LuxeCars

Of course, it should be borne in mind that they are much more expensive and you have to pay more to buy them. Now back to the question at the beginning of the article, is the use of sport rims harmful to the car? In response, we must say that the fabric rim of each car is standard for it and it is better not to manipulate or change it. But you can make the rim or tire of the car up to one size or finally two sizes. This is not harmful to the car and even in some cases, causes faster acceleration, better handling and more traction than the ground. But at the same time it increases fuel consumption Of course, the sport rim also gives a more beautiful appearance to the car. But on the other hand, if we manipulate the rim size too much (more than one or two sizes), it will cause damage to the car. Injuries such as pressure on the suspension, tires, and other vehicle components. Car depreciation will also increase.

رینگ خودرو - آی آز لوکس کارز

Sometimes, a change in the diameter of the tire or the so-called rim, causes an error in the odometer and disrupts gear changes, especially in automatic vehicles. Vehicles equipped with ABS will also interfere with the ECU. Unfortunately, the common misconception among people is that the larger the size of the rim and tires, the faster the car. But this belief is wrong. As we increase the width of the tire and the size of the rim, the acceleration and speed of the car will decrease and fuel consumption and pollution will increase. Because the use of tires with high width and low height, especially in the bumpy and uneven streets of our country, causes a lot of damage and bumps in the car. The amount and height of the tire tread is also an important issue in this regard. Larger rims are mostly used for racing and on smooth tracks and roads, especially if the car's engine is boosted, a sport catalytic converter is installed on the exhaust, and the car's suspension is improved. That's why it costs so much.

رینگ خودرو - آی آز لوکس کارز

The size of each rim is marked with a specific number on the tire of each car. The unit of rim size is named radial ((R)). Here is an example.

65R17_ 185

The number 17 after the letter R indicates the size and diameter of the rim. The number 185 also indicates the width of the tire. If in doubt, we draw your attention to the results of a test conducted by a reputable Western publication: Car & Driver experts on a 2010 Volkswagen Golf with a 2500 cc engine with a standard 15 rim 195-inch tires with 16-, 17-, 18-, and 19-inch rims, resulting in reduced deceleration (with 19-inch rims and tires, acceleration was 0.3 seconds slower than the 15-inch), braking line slightly shorter And fuel consumption went up.

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