Test and Review of Benz GLA250 in Iran

Test and Review of Benz GLA250 in Iran

Hello to all car enthusiasts in Iran! As usual, in this article we will deal with one of the most attractive and quality Benz models in the country, stay tuned. This time our subject is the 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA250, which was reviewed by the content production team of IR-LuxeCars Magazine

Introduction : History of the GLA model

First of all, let's talk a little bit about this model. The GLA first appeared in 2013 at the show The Frankfurt car was unveiled in Germany, then it was launched in the category of luxury and compact crossovers. This model used a wide range of 4-cylinder engines from the beginning and is still faithful to this engine.

What does GLA mean?

But the interesting thing about the word GLA is that you know and are aware that GL stands for Geländewagen, which means off-road vehicles, and the letter A. The class of this car means that it is in the category of compact and small Mercedes-Benz cars, and finally this car It is in the compact crossover category.

Differences between the regular version and the AMG version :

But the AMG version of this car (the same car we are discussing) was unveiled in 2014, which was completely different from the regular model. The difference between this version and the rest, in the brake system with very high performance, steering AMG speed electromechanical; AMG-style alloy wheels; Different tires; AMG grille and titanium grille, air conditioner inlets, xenon headlights; There is a titanium diffuser, beautiful AMG letters, dual chrome exhaust pipe, etc.

Masterpieces that opened their feet to Iran :

Now let's go to the Benz masterpiece we met. At first glance, we noticed that the height of this car seems to be shorter than the other crossovers we have encountered so far, and Maybe it's because this model is more sporty, however some people put the Benz GLA in the hatchback category, which is completely wrong. Remarkable dear ones; This is GLA250 and it is different from GLA45, which we will tell you about now. But the GLA45 is different from the GLA250 from earth to sky. We are a Mercedes-Benz with an AMG kit and its engine is hand-made by Mercedes-Benz and the AMG signs are not completely present in it. For example, the GLA250 steering wheel is very similar to the steering wheel of the rooms. The E-Class is Mercedes-Benz. It is noteworthy that both models use a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine, but the GLA45 has more power due to its twin-turbo scroll, and the very interesting point is that the Benz engine The GLA45 is more sensitive to gasoline and is not unexpected given its power. In appearance, the GLA45 also has an extra AMG carbon rear wing, which affects the handling of this room. So do not confuse these two models! But we will continue to review the GLA250.

Technical Specifications :

As mentioned above, this car has a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that can provide 210 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque to the driver. This Benz weighs 1500 kg.

Accident prevention system - Lane movement - Traction control system - Electric steering system - Tire pressure monitoring system - Blind spot monitoring system - Emergency braking system - Leather seats - Panoramic roof - Power steering - Shifting from behind the steering wheel - Display Touch - Evaporator rear window - Daylight system - Headlights - Xenon headlights and LED rear lights - Tire pressure gauges - Front and rear parking sensors Rear view camera - 7-speed automatic transmission - Double clutch - 4 wheels Mobile

Driving experience :

This power is delivered to the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, which gives the driver a top speed of 230 km / h, but we's due to the unsuitable road We paid a little attention to this German. As for my acceleration, it should be said that according to the best record of this car recorded by the company itself It can reach 100 km / h from standstill in 7.1 seconds, but in our acceleration test we did not turn off the ESP (traction control) system. We refused and this caused the acceleration recorded for us to be 9 seconds. As for the car cabin, it should be said that according to the A-Class, it is certainly a little smaller and narrower than the rest of Benz products. However, the cabin of this car has not lost its charm and according to the year of construction (2015 model) has a good build quality. Of course, we could not find some weaknesses. Let's ignore this car, for example, some parts inside the cabin are made of very hard plastic.

Let's start! The sound of the 4-cylinder engine is hard to hear, however when you press the accelerator pedal it turns from a quiet cat into a predatory tiger. The sharpness and agility of this car is strongly felt, But it has a strange weakness. At speeds above 120 km / h, it seems that you have to travel a long distance to stop. (Of course, the emptiness of AMG discs and calipers is felt here, which of course has been completely improved in the GLA45 model.) In addition, in the discussion of off-road, they do not like it much, because the competitors of this Benz have relatively softer and better off-road. And of course, you should consider the benefits of the city and its daily use more than this sport crossover. This model from Benz has competitors such as BMW X1 or Audi Q3, which in the price range equal to Benz GLA250 4MATIC can give them a better score and performance, but always a Mercedes-Benz is a Mercedes-Benz. Other technical features that we saw from this car were perfect handling and precise steering, and in general, this car It performed well on slippery and rainy roads in the north. This car is called 4MATIC or four-wheel drive and is perfectly suitable for off-road and mountain and plain routes. Its combined fuel consumption is about 7 liters per 100 kilometers, and with this power and acceleration, it consumes economy.

Safety features :

In the safety part, this car has very suitable options, including: 7 airbags, crash prevention system, lane departure system, traction control system, system Power steering, tire pressure monitoring system, blind spot monitoring system, emergency braking system and cooling disc brakes were mentioned.

Amenities - Entertainment :

Now I will mention some of the amenities-entertainment facilities of this car, including: Leather seats and power adjustment, Panoramic roof, Power steering, Shifting from behind the steering wheel, Touch screen, Exhaust windshield, daylight system (headlight), headlight tinted glass, xenon headlights and LED rear lights, tire pressure gauge Front and rear parking sensors, rear view camera.

last word :

Unlike many imported Benz models, this car is less well known among the public, and this is exactly what happened to the GLK crossover. A good and excellent crossover that was not well received for various reasons, including import restrictions, anonymity among the public, low altitude and, more importantly, non-compliance with Iranian tastes. People seem to be more inclined to Chinese, Japanese and Korean cars than European cars in the crossover debate. Of course, this is a very controversial issue.
Finally, we would like to thank the esteemed owner of Benz GLA250 for giving us their time and doing this test with us.

Photographer: Farid Abedi | Location: Gilan, near Rasht airport

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