Reasons For Low Car Heater heat

Reasons For Low Car Heater heat

On cold winter days, one of the most important amenities in cars is the optimal heat of the heater. But this heat may not work properly in winter for various reasons, so in the following we will examine all the defects in this field and we will tell the solution to your service, dear ones.

1-Heater radiator

1. One of the main reasons for not having the desired heat of the heater is clogging of the heater radiator pipes. In fact, the hot water inside the cooling system cycle passes through the car heater radiator to lose its heat, and this converter transfers the heat inside the pipes to the cabin by means of a fan with the help of air. In most cases where the damage is caused by the heater radiator, repairmen usually solve the problem by replacing the radiator. 2. Heater fan failure is another common problem in this area. To solve this problem, you should open the fan and test it to fix the problem.


3. The part whose failure causes the car heater to malfunction is the thermostat. Failure of the thermostat causes the radiator water to not pass properly into the cooling cycle, which reduces the heat of the heater. 4. Lack of radiator water or low level is another factor in reducing heat. To create the desired heat, there must be enough water in the engine cooling system and also the radiator must be fully vented.

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