Full introduction of Lexus IS500 F Sport 2022

Full introduction of Lexus IS500 F Sport 2022

Today we want to talk about the beautiful statue of Lexus. Everything a person wants from a car is included in the Is 500 F sport model. This time a muscle car from East Asia, ie Japan! The muscular sedan and almond-eyed performance put the finishing touches once again. This may be a personal opinion, but it really is still the model is 250 ten years ago, which is also available in the country, has one of the best and most up-to-date designs, and now the new version once again captures all eyes. Sewn. Well, let's go to the introduction of this incredibly beautiful Lexus sedan;

Technical Specifications :

The company has used a 472-horsepower, naturally aspirated five-liter, naturally aspirated eight-cylinder heart for its muscle sedan. The trump card of Lexus compared to its German rivals is this lovely naturally aspirated engine, because although the torque produced by German competitors is higher than this model, driving with a naturally aspirated eight-cylinder engine will definitely give the driver more driving pleasure. The five-liter Is eight-cylinder engine is similar to the RC F model, but in acceleration the IS 500 F Sport is faster than the RC F model, which can be understood from accelerating from zero to one hundred kilometers in just 4.4 seconds. . The interesting thing about this five-liter engine is its silent mode when driving at low speeds and economy, so that Lexus artificially transmits attractive sound into the cabin with the help of speakers. Of course, this is quite different when driving sports and excitement, so that the sound of the V8 engine under the hood and four exhaust pipes conveys the feeling of a sports car and extremely attractive to the driver. The 472-horsepower power of this beating heart is transmitted to the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission, which is also shared with the RC F model. The gearbox used in this sedan responds significantly to driver reactions, road conditions and fast propulsion, and in all cases selects the best power to transfer to the wheels. Japanese engineers have used large 14-inch wheels at the front and 12.7-inch rear wheels to stop this untamed sedan.

Appearance design:

In the front view, the large and famous Lexus windshield, which turns the bumper into two halves, has given a rough look to this Asian sedan. Black lights with sharp angles and a muscular hood on top of them make the new IS look extremely unique and beautiful. In the rear view, a relatively large diffuser with four exhaust outlets catches everyone's eye. The interlocking taillights, which are completely detached from the top edge of the trunk, look a bit simple, but overall, this luxury sedan can be rated 9 out of 10 in terms of design compared to its competitors.

interior design :

Inside the car, beautiful leather with red stitching was the first attractive point used in this sedan. The vertical screen, which is completely detached from the dashboard panel, and below which the air conditioning vents with the analog clock are located, have doubled the beauty of this part. If we want to point out the negative points of the Lexus Is dashboard, the only thing that can be mentioned strictly is the very simple design of the steering wheel.

Price :

The results of all these studies can be summarized in a few words. More advanced suspension, more powerful beating heart, more beautiful design than the previous model and, most importantly, cheaper price compared to German competitors are the fundamental changes in this Lexus sedan. The base price of this model starts at $ 56500 and the full version can be purchased for $ 62,072, which is about $ 15,000 cheaper than the BMW M3 and $ 14,000 cheaper than the Mercedes C63 AMG.

Source : Motor 1

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