Car air conditioner and how to use it properly

Car air conditioner and how to use it properly
Tips for using a car air conditioner

With the arrival of spring and summer, the weather in our country is getting warmer, so in this post, the media team of IR-LuxeCars will be at your service with a brief explanation about the car air conditioner and how to use it properly.

1- On hot days of the year, when you enter the car, do not turn on the car air conditioner immediately. Because toxic and carcinogenic gases at temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius are formed from plastics in the cabin that damage the surface of red blood cells, this gas has exactly the same odor as hot plastic. After entering, it is better to lower the windows and wait a while for the indoor air to change, and after a while, turn on the air conditioning system. Of course, the role of sunshades that are installed on the windshield is also very effective in lowering the cabin temperature and it is recommended to always use these sunshades after parking.

2 – Always try to turn on the air conditioner at low engine speeds. Because turning on the air conditioner at high speeds may cause serious damage to the air conditioning compressor. If the engine speed was high at the moment of turning on the car air conditioner, you can lower the engine speed by holding the clutch and then start turning on the air conditioner. Although this issue has been fixed in some cars today, it is recommended to ensure and reduce the failure of the air conditioner compressor.

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3 – Be sure to put the air conditioning system in the circulating mode in polluted cities or when you are traveling inside the tunnel, because when the air conditioning system is not in the circulating air mode, all pollution and smoke outside Enters the cabin. Of course, air conditioning filters also play a very important role in this issue. For example, cabin filters used in BMW and Porsche products contain antibacterial materials and completely eliminate all air pollution.

4 – When traveling on highways and freeways, try not to lower the car window, because in this case the wind that enters the cabin will disrupt the aerodynamics of the car and this will be a reason to increase fuel consumption. The best solution in this case is to use a car air conditioner to cool the cabin.

5 – In winter, it is better to turn on the car air conditioner once every 45 days for one to two minutes so that the refrigerant gas inside the system does not stay still for a long time, because the cooling gas may rot in the long run and you will have to replace it. Become.

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6 – Sometimes due to leakage of refrigerant gas, compressor failure or technical defects in the wiring of the car air conditioner is not cool enough, with a careful examination can be done to solve the failure.

7- Note that by turning on the car air conditioner, the radiator fan starts working and this also causes the propulsion to cool down. If your car’s water level rises when the air conditioner amp is turned on, there is definitely a problem with your car’s cooling system.

8- Using the car air conditioner on steep slopes or when the car has four or five passengers puts a lot of pressure on the engine. It is recommended to avoid excessive gassing in these cases.

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9- Turning on the air conditioner in four-cylinder cars with an engine capacity of less than two thousand cc may be accompanied by vibration in the cabin and a noticeable drop in power, which is due to the low power of the natural propulsion.

10 – Using the car air conditioner at rest and in traffic puts more pressure on the engine and may reduce the cold air that enters the cabin. This is not the case on highways and when the car is moving fast.

11- Extra sounds when blowing the air conditioner can be from the air conditioner belt or its pulleys.

12. In winter and when the glass is steaming from inside, using the ac button to de-steam is very effective.

13 – The use of refrigerant gas with the main brand in the cold of the air conditioner has a great impact.

14. Be careful that the type of gas used in your car’s air conditioning system is written in the catalog, so be sure to use the same gas with the code announced by the company. Also, the amount of gas that your car air conditioning system needs is written in the catalog.

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