All About engine oil

All About engine oil

Hello to all Ir-LuxeCars website viewers, in this article we are trying to review one of the most important materials inside the engine of all cars, engine oil! Engine oil is the main consumable in all cars. In fact, every driver should have enough information about it. So if you don't have the required information in this section, it is recommended to follow this article until the end.

Golden tips about engine oil

As we all know, the main job of engine oil is to reduce friction, lubricate, wash the internal parts of the engine and improve its efficiency. Since the price of engine parts has skyrocketed and the life of all these parts depends on this engine oil, it is better to always pay attention to this important material. There is a lot of talk and information about when to change the engine oil on the internet, but the best time to change the engine oil is after traveling every 4-5 thousand kilometers.

In fact, after traveling this distance, the engine oil has lost its original properties and may turn into vapor or become viscous for any reason. One of the beliefs that usually mislead most drivers is oil vaporization. For example, if your engine oil level decreases after traveling a distance of 2 to 3 thousand kilometers, you may think that your car is burning oil, if the low quality of the oil causes it to evaporate and reduce its amount. So we conclude that choosing the right oil for the engine is the most important factor when changing the oil.

engine oil

Another common mistake that is often seen among car drivers is that they wait for the car to reach 4-5 thousand kilometers of operation, if the oil has an expiration date. If your car does not reach this level of operation after 6 months, you must change its oil. to be changed. Not changing the oil because the required distance has not been covered is the biggest mistake because the oil becomes sticky after staying inside the engine for a long time and causes damage to all engine parts. Usually, the oils written in the car catalog are the most appropriate and the best type.

Types of engine oil

Now, in order to be able to distinguish the original oil from the fake one, we must follow a series of points. The most important factor is the price, no foreign oil has the same price as domestic oils. Always remember that the low price of oils is one of the main reasons for its being fake. For domestic cars and most Chinese cars, you can use engine oil that is produced inside Iran, and there is no need for foreign oil, as long as you change it every 4-5 thousand kilometers. The second issue in choosing the original oil is the store you visit. Always try to choose stores to change your car's oil that are reputable. When changing the oil, be sure to pay attention to the packaging and the carton in which the oil is placed. In the following, we will review some of the specifications and information written on the packaging of the oils together.

Fully synthetic engine oil

These types of oils are produced in their highest quality. Since this type of engine oil is produced in the purest possible state, the power of the car engine reaches the highest possible level, the fuel consumption decreases and it increases the efficiency of the engine. The price of this type of engine oil is usually high.

Semi-synthetic engine oil

This type of engine oil is a combination of synthetic oils and mineral oils, they have a lower price than fully synthetic oils due to their purity.

Mineral engine oil

These types of oils are produced on a petroleum basis, they have very low quality and are vulnerable to cold and heat. Usually, they must be replaced after traveling short distances.

All the motor oils that are produced today are multi-grade, or in popular terms, they are designed for four seasons, and the word w is used to indicate the viscosity of the oils. For example, an oil labeled 5w30 means that the viscosity of this oil is 30 in cold seasons and 5 in hot seasons.

API standard

This standard, which is an abbreviation of the American Petroleum Association, uses the first letter s and the second letter a to n for gasoline engines, and the higher the second letters used, the higher the quality of the oil. For example, the quality of oil with SJ engraved on the front is lower than SN. For domestic cars, it is recommended to use SN or SM quality oils.

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