How to get gas from the car?

How to get gas from the car?

Hello and greetings, follow the followers of IR-LuxeCars website. Today, in this article, we are going to examine how to refuel the car. Have you ever had to run in the middle of the road or street for any reason? In these cases, you either have to tow your car by another car, or call the crane, or ask the cars on the road for gas, which is the best and most logical option. Of course, this issue requires conditions and cases that must be observed.

How to get gas from the car?
How to get gas from the car?

First we need to have a hose with us. Then we will insert the end of the hose into the throat of the tank and by creating suction through the other end of the hose, the gasoline will flow out and into the container. The very important point is that we should try not to let the gasoline enter our mouth and body. It should not be inhaled and we should not allow it to enter our respiratory system. Now you may be wondering how this is possible?
The best way to do this would be to place one end of the hose in the throat of the tank, then the other end into the container in which we want to pour gasoline. Then wrap your hand around the hose and place it on the lid of the container. Then we die side by side inside the container so that the gasoline flows into the container by creating air pressure. In this method, neither gasoline is poured into our mouth and we do not damage our respiratory system by inhaling its vapor. This is actually the best way to draw gasoline from the car tank. Finally, the hose must be pulled out of the fuel tank, lifted up to pour all the gasoline in the hose into the container.

How to get gas from the car?

Using hand pumps is also the best way to get gas from the car tank. In this case, you must first insert the pump tube into the throat of the tank and then the other pump tube into the container. Then you have to pump with the help of this pump so that gasoline can easily enter the container from the tank. Note that you must first remove the hose inside the tank. There is another way to refuel the car, in which we need two hoses. Insert a hose into the tank until it is fully inserted into the tank and place the hose end in the container. Then send the second hose slowly and halfway into the tank. Now, by blowing and creating air to the second hose, gasoline will flow from the first hose to the tank. Of course, refueling the car can also be done from the hood and engine. But it should be noted that this method is different in different cars. Also, if you do not have enough experience and technical knowledge, try not to use this method. This is because there is a high risk of doing so, and there may be an accident by spilling gasoline on the car starter, or you may not be able to close the hoses as you did on the first day. In this case, gasoline will leak and you will cause a fire while moving on the engine.

How to get gas from the Pride engine

To get gas from the hood or the Pride engine, you must first open the hood and then find the gas hose. In the Pride carburetor, the gasoline hose is located under the fuel rail, which passes through the fuel filter. Now you have to open the top hose. Note that normally some gasoline is spilled. If you need more gas, you have to die from the bottom of the hose to get more gas out.

How to get gas from the Pride injector engine
How to get gas from the car?

To get gas from the Pride injector engine, first open the hood, then find the fuel hose under the air manifold, on the right side of the engine. (This hose is attached to the brass-colored pieces.) Now remove it from its place and then put it in the container. Then open the car switch to get electricity to the gas station and inject from the tank to the gasoline engine. In this case, gasoline leaks out of the pipe. Each time a certain amount and of course a relatively small amount of gasoline will come out, so to fill the container, you have to repeat this operation several times.

How to get gas from the car?

In Peugeot 405, Samand and Peugeot Pars cars, the petrol hose is connected from the timing belt to the fuel rail on the air manifold.

In Peugeot 206, the gas hose is connected to the fuel rail from behind the manifold under the water source. Pull out the socket with pliers or two, insert the hose into the container, and if it is small, attach a quantity of hose to the head. Now open the switch and close it after a few seconds. Then open it again and repeat as many times as you want.

In Peugeot 206 Type 5, connect the wire from the positive battery once to the double coil socket and move it so that one can connect power to the gas station, and if not, connect the wire from the positive battery to the BSI next to the chassis to one of the sockets. . Be careful not to plug in the starter wire. Do not pull out the sockets, plug in the fuse, and do not do this as much as possible. Your car wiring or computer may malfunction.

In Peugeot and Samand and 206 Type 2, the first case will be very comfortable and low risk, but if it does not happen, open the switch and connect it with a positive wire from the battery to the small hanging wire of the double socket coil.

In Pride injector, pull out the gas hose and you can open and close the same switch or leave the switch open. Or disconnect and connect the three middle fuses from the fuse box. Just be careful not to spill gas on the starter

In Carburetor Pride, you need an air pump to blow on one side and gasoline on the other. Just be careful not to spill gas on the starter.

All of the above methods and methods are best done only in emergencies. Therefore, we should always try to check the gas amp or carry the gas with us, so as not to be in these situations.

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