EFP engine, the newest and most powerful domestic engine

EFP engine, the newest and most powerful domestic engine

Introducing the new Iran Khodro EFP engine

In these days when the car market in our country is very chaotic and chaotic, Iran Khodro has created a lot of noise by introducing a new engine. This engine, which has been called the most powerful domestically produced engine, will soon be placed under the hood of Dena Plus. EFP is a four-cylinder, 16-valve engine that can produce between 160 and 170 horsepower with the help of a turbo charging system. This power is about ten to twenty horsepower more than the turbocharged EF7 engine. According to the CEO of Iran Khodro at the unveiling ceremony of EFP, this engine has been installed in turbocharged Dena Pluses and has reached mass production. Also, this engine is supposed to be used for Tara from the beginning of 1402 and then for Rira car in September of next year.

efp engine

The non-turbocharged version of this engine will also be installed on some Iran Khodro products such as Suren Plus, Dena and Dena Plus. In fact, EFP should soon be considered as a replacement for EF7 and TC7 engines. According to the CEO of this company, their new engine consumes about one liter less than EF7 and in terms of emissions, it is equipped with the Euro 5 standard and even without causing damage and reducing the life of parts, it is able to pass the Euro 6 emission standard. also has Next, it is necessary to have a comparison between the differences between the two EFP and EF7 engines.

1- In the stationary state and when the car's gearbox is in neutral mode, the idle speed of the EF Plus engine is 650 rpm, which is about 200 rpm less than the EF7. This reduces fuel consumption and also reduces emissions.

2- Many parts of EFP engine such as crankshaft, bearings, connecting rod, piston, camshaft, cylinder head, intake air manifold, exhaust exhaust manifold, turbo charging system and cooling system are completely different from EF7. The purpose of this work was to increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption in the new engine.

3- The engine cooling system has also undergone minor changes and is equipped with automatic ventilation.

4- In the performance of turbo charging, defects have also been fixed, among which we can mention the reduction of turbo lag. The performance of the variable valve timing system has also been updated.

5- The weight of the new engine has been reduced compared to the previous engines, which is very effective in increasing performance and efficiency.

And finally, according to the changes made and according to the CEO of Iran Khodro Company, we will see this engine in many domestic products. It should be seen whether this Iran Khodro project can be a turning point in the production of new engines or not...!?

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