Comparison of three pickups in the Iranian market

Comparison of three pickups in the Iranian market

Comparing pickups is always one of the most interesting things among car enthusiasts. It is true that there is no news of those giant American pickups in Iran today, but we inevitably have to entertain ourselves with these Chinese pickups. In this part, we compare three famous Chinese pickups that have recently entered the Iranian market, so stay with us until the end of this article.

1- KMC T8

This Chinese pickup, which is a product of the Jack company, has created a lot of noise in the Iranian market. In a glance at the appearance of this car, we see a combination of Japanese pickups. However, this issue has been well covered by Jack company engineers. Therefore, an acceptable score can be given to t8. The rectangular lights along with the lens are beautiful in the front view. When we go from the front to the back of this pickup, the 18-inch rims attract attention as much as possible. Although there is no special design in the rear view, but considering the limitations of pickups, this issue can be ignored. Inside the cabin, there is no special design, of course, you can't easily ignore the well-shaped steering wheel and the relatively sporty amps. Among the conveniences of Jack T8, we can mention keyless entry and start system, daytime running lights, heated electric mirrors, cruise control, reverse camera and parking sensor. Rear differential lock and slope control are other features of this pickup. In the technical discussion, the T8 uses a two-liter turbocharged engine. This four-cylinder engine, which has the ability to produce 174 horsepower, can handle the T-8's two-ton weight well. The engine is similar to Jack S5, but due to the fact that this pickup has two differentials, noticeable changes have been made in it.

2- Amiko Asana

In our opinion, the most serious competitor of T-8 among Chinese pickups is this Asena. A competitor that entered the Iranian car market since 2017. In terms of design, Asana is very stout and large. Although it has an older design compared to Jack T-8, but in general, they do not compare to each other. In the cabin, we see a better design than Jack T-8. The special design of the air conditioning vents in the middle of the dashboard represents the soaring wings of a bird. Asena comes with a rear camera, two airbags, automatic air conditioning system, electric side mirrors in the comfort section. Also, transfer case is considered for this car so that the driver can use two or one differential as desired. The intelligent differential lock system in this car also helps with off-road capabilities and crossing difficult roads. But in the Asena engine department, it uses a 2.4 liter naturally aspirated engine that is made under the license of Mitsubishi. This four-cylinder engine transmits 143 horsepower to the wheels with the help of a five-speed gearbox.

2- Kloth 

The third and last pickup that we will review in this article is slightly behind its competitors in terms of design. There is a certain softness in the front window and lights, which is not very interesting for pickups. In the interior, the Klot has a relatively simple design, although the display in the middle of the dashboard attracts a little attention, but the plastic used in this part is very noticeable. In terms of facilities and equipment, Klot is equipped with a 9-inch touch screen, keyless entry system and start button, cruise control, leather seats, automatic air conditioning system, daytime running lights and metal roll bar. But the main part of Klot's story is hidden in its beating heart. The 2.4-liter turbocharged engine with 215 horsepower is one of the most powerful engines in the market. Klot's six-speed manual gearbox is also equipped with a differential lock in three different modes, like its competitors.


Well, so far, we have reviewed three famous domestic market pickups, which makes it a little difficult to choose the best Chinese pickup. Jack T-8 gets a higher score than its competitors in terms of amenities and appearance, it is also a more up-to-date car than its competitors, and in terms of engine power, it is the second pickup in this comparison. Considering the design of the cabin and the muscular appearance, Amiko Asena does not compare to Jack, and finally, Klott stands out among its competitors with a powerful engine. Considering that all three pickups are almost in the same price range, the final choice as the best Chinese pickup inside seems a bit difficult.

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