Introducing the most powerful internal propulsion EF7

Introducing the most powerful internal propulsion EF7

Hello to all the dear visitors of IR-LuxeCars site, today we will be at your service by reviewing the new national engine of internal propulsion EF7, which also has a lot of marginal news. Well, as you probably know, a car show was held in Tehran a few days ago, in fact, it was just an exhibition for Chinese products!

One of the important achievements of this exhibition was the unveiling of a new national engine on which the title of the most powerful Iranian-made engine was displayed. This engine is actually an extended model of EF7 on which a turbocharger is installed. One of the most important advantages of this engine is GDi technology or direct injection of fuel into the cylinder. You may be wondering, what is the advantage of this technology now ?! In fact, in this system, because the injector is located directly inside the cylinder, whenever more fuel is needed, it will be compensated quickly in this way, which results in a rapid acceleration at different speeds.

Internal propulsion EF7

By moving the injector into the cylinder, the combustion will be much more favorable, resulting in reduced fuel consumption. Of course, it is better to know that this technology is not so new and was used in some engines in the twenties, but in general, with the implementation of this technology on the EF7 engine, its power is 205 hp and 310 Nm of torque. will receive. The power that is very desirable and significant on paper.

In fact, with these numbers, we can have a say against Chinese engines, but we have to see what happens in practice. Among the Chinese turbocharged engines with GDi technology used in Chinese products in Iran, we can mention the Dignity engine and KMC K7, which produce 235 and 164 horsepower, respectively. According to research, this propulsion will not be used on sedans and will most likely be the first Iranian long chassis equipped with this engine.

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