Test and Review Lincoln MKX 2014

Test and Review Lincoln MKX 2014

Hello to you who have taken a happy step on the page of IR-LuxeCars. In this article, we will review one of the American cars in the country called Lincoln MKX, which you may not have heard of; So stay tuned.

Introduction :

First of all, let's have a brief introduction to Lincoln. As you know Lincoln; The luxury brand is a subsidiary of Ford, which was founded in August 1917. This automaker in the United States is on par with the Cadillac brand at General Motors.

Where does the Lincoln brand name come from?

Lincoln Motors was founded by Henry M. Leland and he named the new company in honor of Abraham Lincoln (the late President of the United States) Lincoln.

لوگو و برند خودرو لینکلن

Where did the Lincoln logo come from?

Many have wondered what the Lincoln logo means. There is no definite opinion about the Lincoln logo yet, but the most likely theory is that the logo was chosen based on a continental star, although many believe that it is a symbol of the Red Cross on a shield during the Crusades. In any case, these two intersecting lines are a symbol of luxury and the prestige of the Lincoln Motors brand.

Now let's move on to the Lincoln MKX.
This model is a medium-sized crossover from this company, which has been in the production line since 2007. The first generation MKX was produced by 2015, the second generation by 2016 to 2018. And from 2019 until now, the MKX model has been renamed Nautilus. It seems that in 2006, when the MKX was introduced, Honda had sued Ford over the similarity of its name to the Acura MDX, which was immediately settled out of court, and the name change probably dates back to that time.

خودرو لینکلن MKX 2014 - آی آر لوکس کارز

Now we come to the part where we talk about the Lincoln MKX. The Lincoln we are reviewing in this article is the 2014 model and is one of the few Lincolns in the country that is only allowed to enter the free zone. This American monster has a 3.7-liter 6-cylinder engine with 305 horsepower and 379 Nm of torque. Which consumes about 13.1 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. This is the same engine that sits on the Ford Mustang.

خودرو لینکلن MKX 2014 - ای ار لوکس کارز

What is the other technical information of this American ?

One of the interesting points of the Lincoln crossover is its 8-second acceleration with a weight of about 2 tons, which can be said to be relatively good for a heavy and muscular crossover. Also, its speed is limited to 200 km / h. The 6-speed automatic transmission has found its way to the world market.

Amenities - Entertainment:

Infotainment system in the center console and for the rear passengers; Thermometer, shortcut keys on the steering wheel, car air conditioning, navigation system, Button starter, automatic trunk, keyless entry and exit, 12V power outlet, remote engine starter, Safari computer, WiFi, lighting, electric mirrors with heater, electrochromatic rear mirror, , Driver and passenger seats in front of the heater and both 10-way with ventilation Rear seat heater, satellite radio; 10 speakers

خودرو لینکلن MKX 2014

Safety features:

ABS braking system, EDB, adaptive cruise control, door entry light, distance detection service, traction control, Spoiler, immobilizer, driver and passenger curtain side airbags; 6 airbags Light sensor of lights when it is dark; Holder, limited slip differential, headlight control, tire pressure gauge, park sensor, rear gear sensor, stability control, anti-theft system

Driving experience with Lincoln MKX 2014:

This car normally gives you a sense of luxury; In the front view, the large windshield and the beautiful Lincoln logo in the middle, well show the majesty of this car; At the rear of the car, it is simple, but still retains the same American awe. It means All Wheel Drive, which is automatically adjusted on the front differential, but in a completely intelligent way and with the help of various sensors, when the car is in dire need of all-wheel drive, it is placed in this position and, for example, prevents the car from slipping. What caught our eye is the rear view of this car, which is somewhat similar to the rear view of the 2008 Kia Sportage.

We go to the car door, this car has a keyless entry and exit, of course, the Lincoln we are discussing has another different feature in addition to this feature, you can also open the door by just entering a password, in fact, this car Equipped with a number panel above the handle that the driver can unlock the car door by entering the desired password, which is a very attractive option in this regard. When we opened the car door, we saw the name Lincoln, which is beautifully on the door pedal. Engraved, then we sat behind the wheel, the first thing that caught our eye; The space was relatively spacious, large and a sense of luxury. This feeling gets better when you see the use of natural wood in parts of the cabin of this car. In the center console of this crossover, there is a relatively large monitor, which ironically is also one of its weaknesses, because according to many experts, the infotainment system has a dull entertainment. Leaving aside the design The dashboard is very noticeable, especially the special coordination between the various components and the coordinated space of the cabin gave a pleasant feeling to the IR Lux Lux team. Regarding the seats of this car, I must say that easily 5 adults without any special problems They can sit together; Because this car is spacious and convenient enough.

خودرو لینکلن MKX 2014 - ای ار لوکس کارز

1 - Password panel installed on the car door

In front of the driver There is an attractive kilometer screen of this car, which according to its production time; It is special and different. The hands of the engine and the speedometer are placed in one place and it is really secluded and attractive. Lincoln, who was handed over to the IR Luxury Cars team, in the place of the glasses; Instead of door handles and footprints for the driver and passenger, a light blue light was emitted, which gave a beautiful effect to the cabin. Of course, the lighting of this car is equipped with 7 colors that you can change according to your taste. This car has almost a secluded center console; Apparently, all the controllers and keys were gathered on the dashboard and all were installed inside the same multimedia screen of the center console.

خودرو لینکلن MKX 2014 - لوکس کارز

After a brief review, now we go to the next part of the test and review and press the start button; The sound of the 6-cylinder engine is well heard; A pleasant sound but with a special American awe! We are preparing for acceleration; We press the accelerator pedal to accelerate the car, but it seems that the car feels a little heavy and does not have an exciting start, in fact, it does not show what a 3.7-liter 6-cylinder engine deserves; Of course, we continued to see a relatively good speed, as if the monster in the car had just woken up and was roaring. Lincoln has a very smooth and enjoyable ride, due to the convenient placement of the seat and its height you are completely in control of the road; However, there is another weakness that is very noticeable, and that is the 4 safety stars that it has gained and has not been able to get a full 5 stars as a luxury crossover, and this may reduce your sense of pleasure a little; You ask yourself: why is everything so great but this car is not completely safe ?!

Otherwise, in testing and reviewing the Lux Lux Cars team, it performs excellently in terms of handling and suspension and braking, and you feel so comfortable and pleasant with this crossover that You can not imagine that this car has a moment in terms of safety and shortcomings. With all these descriptions, Al-Haq instills a special sense of luxury and beauty in you

Special thanks to the car owners: Pedram and Arman Khorgami

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