Upholstery parts and prevent their damage

Upholstery parts and prevent their damage

Greetings and greetings to your dear companions. We are very happy that you are giving your valuable time to our team. Thank you for this. Today, in this article, we are going to examine the parts of the upholstery and the cause of their breakdown, which requires knowledge of all people in this field. So stay with us until the end.

Unfortunately, due to the unevenness of our country's roads and streets, unsuitable potholes and bumps, as well as the decline in the quality of car parts due to rising prices and sanctions, there are many breakdowns in upholstery parts. Of course, this breakdown is mostly specific to domestic cars and usually falls into this category. But now the question is what is the definition of car upholstery? Generally, a group of car parts and front components that are responsible for suspension and handling in ten sizes and turns of the road is called car upholstery. It should be noted that most of these parts must be replaced over time and wear because they are consumables. Below are some of the car parts.

فنر جلوبندی خودرو - ای ار لوکس کارز


It is a piece that has elastic properties and the weight of the vehicle room is on it. It is better not to change the height of the car, because most of the bumps and bumps are on the car spring, and manipulating the vehicle heights will cause damage to the spring.

کمک فنر جلوبندی خودرو - ای ار لوکس کارز

Shock absorber

It is a mechanical device installed near each wheel to control spring oscillations. One end is attached to the cabin and chassis and the other end is attached to a moving piece of suspension such as an axle shell or headboard. The job of the shock absorber is to control and smooth the spring oscillations. Shock absorbers are usually not under the weight of the car and do not affect the upgrade of the car.

Types of shock absorbers

1- Hydraulic or oil 2- Gas or pneumatic 3- Lever 4- Hydrostatic 5- Telescopic 6- Reglagi

Things like the sound of cracks when exceeding the dimensions, the car is lying to one side, the wheels are constantly going up and down on uneven surfaces, the tires are worn out, the car is pulled in one direction, the shock absorbers leak (so-called mechanics lubrication) And jumping forward when braking is a sign of shock absorber failure.

رام جلوبندی خودرو - ای ار لوکس کارز


It is a piece of metal that is connected to the chassis from two ends and the rest of the upholstery parts will be connected to the room through the ROM. The ROM is the main part in the car upholstery set because all the parts are installed on it.

طبق جلوبندی خودرو - ای ار لوکس کارز

There are arms that attach the suspension to the car chassis and are in direct contact with the ROM. The plates will be attached to the car chassis through the bushes and to the car wheels by connecting the ball and bowl.

The appearance of some noises, such as the knocking of knobs or the squeaking sound, which may be due to the movement of the head and its abrasive contact with the chassis, can indicate a breakdown of the head. Another sign of head failure is wheel deflection and misalignment. Also, the contact of the wheels with the post and the heights of the road and the street can cause the car to tilt. The floors usually have more damage from the tuber and bush areas because these two parts control the pressures from the road. Since the function of the head bush is to connect the head to other parts of the suspension system, hearing loud noises from the front wheels while moving can be a sign of failure of this part. Also, the vibration of parts of the suspension system and its transfer to the steering wheel, even when driving on a smooth road, is a sign of failure of the head bush. Decreased vehicle balance while driving, especially in corners, indicates failure of the head bush or tubers. In fact, if Bush fails to properly connect the car to the suspension, according to the car's balance wish, which is responsible for maintaining the car's balance, the car will have trouble balancing while driving.

سیبک جلوبندی خودرو - ای ار لوکس کارز


It is a spherical piece in the steering system of the car. The tuber connects the wheels to the suspension and causes them to rotate. The task of this part is to move the car to the left or right and the operation is the amount of controllability of the car. The steering tube is connected to 2 parts. On one side to the head and on the other to the wheel accessories. Therefore, if the steering wheel turns in any direction, the wheels will be rotated in the same direction by the tuber. Tubes are subject to tensile and compressive forces, and their other function is to reduce friction between parts. They are also involved in controlling some of the unwanted blows caused by hand gauges and holes.

Symptoms of tuber failure include all possible problems with steering, front wheel wear, knocking when passing the bump, the car not moving in a straight line, and deviation when moving.

میله تعادل جلوبندی خودرو - ای ار لوکس کارز

Balance bar

The system was first developed by a British man named Frederick Lanchester in 1904. The balance shaft is a piece of steel that is responsible for distributing power between the car's wheels when cornering. Therefore, its main role is to increase the balance of the car and prevent it from turning left and deviating. The two ends of the left and right springs are connected by a balance shaft. Surge arresters are also usually installed between the two lower heads. Perhaps the question for you is how the car maintains its balance in the corners and controls? Here we have to say that when the car is going through a turn, the room is tilted out of the turn. Following this tendency, the lower classes move in the opposite direction and twist the balance. The balance desire resists this twist. This tightens the car's suspension when cornering, making the car's cabin less tilted. The balance sheet, if eroded and weakened, cannot properly distribute the weight of the vehicle between the wheels. This is one of the reasons why the car is confused when paging. The balance rod has a bush and a tuber at both ends, so we must be careful to change this piece at the right time, because it has a definite lifespan. Due to the fact that tubers have dust mites, if they rupture, they lose their greasy greasing properties due to the penetration of water and dust, and problems such as loosening and rattling, especially when Turning the steering wheel is complicated.

سگ دست جلوبندی خودرو - ای ار لوکس کارز

One of the main parts of the car upholstery is the hand dog, which is responsible for keeping the wheels around the steering wheel. This piece is hinged to which the car steering wheel, aids, hubs, brake discs and wheel connections are all attached. In the car, there is also a hand jack, to which the steering tube, balance rod and assistance rod are attached.

اکسل جلوبندی خودرو - ای ار لوکس کارز


The center axle is a wheel or gear that in some cases, perhaps with a mechanical bearing or bushing, is held in place on the inside surface of the wheel or gear hole to allow the wheel or gear to rotate freely around the axle.

The suspension and steering system of the car can also be considered as part of the upholstery, which we will examine in detail in another article. It is best to replace all of the above equipment at the specified time of end of your life, so as not to incur excessive costs for further damage. Today, unfortunately, the quality of parts and accessories has declined, so be more careful in caring for and maintaining them.

اکسل جلوبندی خودرو - ای ار لوکس کارز

Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that people brake on bumps and accelerators. This is wrong and it is better not to do so from now on ‌. But why not do it? When you brake, the front of the car lowers slightly due to the greater power of the brakes on the front axle and the inertial force. Therefore, this causes the weight distribution of the car to be disturbed and the weight to be increased in the front part of the car. The front of the car, which in turn is very heavy, does the same as putting a heavy weight on the hood. Therefore, when you are on the accelerator, double pressure is applied to the suspension, which can damage the car's upholstery in the long run. So to prevent these breakdowns, it is better to brake before the bump and reduce the speed of the car and as soon as you reach the bump, release your foot on the brake pedal. Therefore, it is very important that your foot does not rest on the brake pedal. This can reduce the damage to the upholstery.

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