The trouble that a professional audio system can bring to an Iranian car!

The trouble that a professional audio system can bring to an Iranian car!

Having a professional audio system has become a dream for many car enthusiasts these days. However, we want to in this article Let's examine the complications of having a professional audio system on domestic cars, what harm can it bring.

Battery problem in some cars

One of the problems that most professional audio systems cause is the reduction of the useful life of the battery. Of course, most open systems solve this problem with a separate power supply. Battery problems are aggravated when the car is turned off and uses a professional audio system with very high power. The pressure at that moment to The battery and electrical system of the car is imported, it is not justified.

Increased fuel consumption

At first glance, you might wonder what fuel consumption has to do with a professional audio system?! But I have to tell you when you are listening to music with Being loud with your system puts extra stress on the car's electrical system and then on the ECU. The result of the pressure on this important part is the increase in fuel consumption, and this problem mostly happens to cars with less power.

Confusion of seams and gaps in different parts of the car

When you activate the subwoofer with a very high power, the wave created by the electrical energy has no way to escape except through gaps and gaps. as a result Over time, excessive use of the audio system creates more gaps and, as a result, the sound of the car room.

Extra weight on the rear aids!

You may not pay attention to this issue at first, but over time, the same extra weight can become a problem for your car. In fancy cars that are small, This issue is more visible. The problem arises when after every bump you feel that the end of the car is completely hit the ground and you slowly turn. Help and wheels have negative effects.

Reducing the space in the trunk and back of the car!

A strange problem that most open system owners have with their cars is the lack of trunk space. Although this issue does not cause any special technical problem The driver is always involved in the problem of how to have both the system and the right space for his load! In addition, it has been seen many times that the car is left without a spare! Because the professional system sometimes does not allow other accessories to be placed in their place.

But none of the things mentioned above are as bad as the professional sound system can cause to the human being and his hearing. If you are interested in closing a strong audio system, it is fine, but don't use it constantly at high volume. Do not disturb the comfort of yourself and your family and the comfort of others. So no one is against this love, just follow your love.

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