Types of car door handles that you may not have seen!

Types of car door handles that you may not have seen!

Greetings to you, companions of the specialized car website, IR Lux Cars! This time we want to provide you with all kinds of car door handles Some of them are also available in our country. So, stay with us until the end of this article, and at the end, if you have any comments about it, be sure to write to us.

Door handles, like many technologies and automotive parts, each have a period and have progressed and regressed throughout history. In this article, we are going to cover all types Let's get to know the door handles made by major car manufacturers in the world, so without delay we will go to the first door handle.

Old door handle

You must remember these old handles, of course, you have seen them on the doors of houses more than on cars. Very simple handles that date back to centuries ago and the era of strollers. Due to the fact that these handles did not have a very attractive appearance and were fragile due to the opening and closing of the doors and had to be made of hard metal, they soon fell out of the car manufacturers' eyes.

Push button handles

These handles were available in the world car market until the 1970s, but due to safety laws, they were gradually removed from the market. Old arrows used this type of handles. The system of this type of handle was in such a way that there was a button on the handle, and sometimes the key was there.

Trigger handles

This type of handle was available until the 1970s, and its mechanism worked in such a way that instead of a button on the handle, there was a trigger tab on the inside. There was a handle, and to open it, you had to pull the tab with your own hand to open the door.

Flap handles

Of course, these types of handles were designed in the 60s and 70s, but they were used until the 90s. But it was gradually removed from the automobile industry. Perhaps one of the most famous cars that became famous with this type of handle was the Honda Civic. The handle was pulled out and the door opened. But it had a big problem, when the handle was wet or frozen, it was very difficult to open it.

Pull Up Handles

These types of handles were found in abundance in the 80s and 90s. To open the door, it was enough to pull it upwards and the car door opened easily. The car market was abandoned. One of the distinguishing features of this type of arrester compared to the previous ones is its cost-effectiveness.

Push Down Handles

Unlike all the handles above, which were pulled outward, this handle must be pushed inward to open. entered the car market.

Pull Out Handles

The most common type of car handle that is still used. The reason for the popularity of this handle is that It is not fragile, it is cheap and has good safety. In addition, it does not require any force to open the car door. It is very easy to pull and because it is in the direction of opening the car door, it is much easier to get on board. A funny fact that this type of handle has is for women who have long nails. Because they pull the handle easily and without getting hurt and the door opens

Touch handles

At the moment, the last type of handle produced by humans is touch. These knobs have passed their test in the progress of the house and after success They were able to be introduced to the market for the first time with Tesla cars. As the name suggests, to open the car door, you only need to touch it, and the scanners will touch your fingerprint and open the door for you. A very attractive and smart system that gradually It will be seen in most cars in the world. Of course, luxury cars in the world can use such a handle, but it is very expensive to make.

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