What is a wheel chain and what is its use?

What is a wheel chain and what is its use?

You've probably heard of a device called a wheel chain. You may be wondering how to use this device and where it should be used? So stay with the IR-LuxeCars team until the end to investigate this issue.

Wheel chains are chains that are fastened around a car tire to prevent it from slipping on snow or ice. If you plan to travel on snowy roads, be sure to use tire chains. In fact, tire chains do the same thing as icebreakers do for infantry.

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The chains are fastened to a wheel to which the vehicle's driving force is transmitted, so that the car can move in adverse conditions of ice, snow or mud on the road. Therefore, before fastening the wheel chains, make sure that the car has a front or rear differential. Wheel chains increase friction and provide more security. Because on icy roads, the friction between the wheels and the road is low and low. If you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself. Including tire size and vehicle axle type. We must say that the use of wheel chains does not mean that by installing it, we can drive at high speeds. No. On icy and snowy roads, in addition to the need to use tire chains, you have to drive and move at low speeds. If you plan to travel on snowy or icy roads, be sure to have tire chains in the trunk of your car and install it on the tire before entering snowy roads. Because entering snow tracks, installing and attaching wheel chains becomes a little difficult.

Types of wheel chains

Single wheel chains
It is made of iron and consists of two chains, one parallel in length and the other short in width, which are connected to two parallel chains around the wheel. The end and the beginning of the single wheel chain will be connected in the direction of the longitudinal string.

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Paired wheel chains
The general structure of this type of wheel chain was somewhat similar to a single sample; But the difference is in the use of three chains in length and two series of transverse cross-strands (to connect longitudinal chains) in its texture.

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Silk wheel chains
This type of wheel chain is suitable for short distances and should not be used over long distances and distances, because they do not have a strong material and are mostly used to create friction and non-slip on slippery roads. Silk wheel chains are expensive. These tire chains do not prevent the car from sinking into deep snow. As the name implies, this type of wheel chain is made of a special type of silk that creates little friction on the road.

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Polymer Wheel Chains (Jelly)
This type of wheel chain is designed to be much easier to install than its iron type. They also create more friction with the road and prevent the car from sinking in deep snow. Polymer cycle chains are very popular in the market. One of its disadvantages is the high price of this wheel chain. Due to this, its sales statistics are lower than the iron type and it has the second highest purchase in the market. This type of wheel chains are mostly used in wheels with sport rims due to their easy installation and stylish appearance. Of course, it should also be noted that polymer is a substance that has almost the same value as iron.

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Nano-polymer wheel chains
This is an example of an advanced and new generation of polymer wheel chains that are mostly used in very cold countries of the world. Unique features of this type of wheel chains include preventing damage to the car's trunk and fender, keeping the tire tread for a longer period of time and not disturbing the ABS system.

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Belt wheel chains
The belt of the belt wheel runs parallel to the wheel like a belt. Belt chains are less efficient than polymer chains, which is why they are less popular than other wheel chains.

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If your car has a single differential, two wheel chains are enough for the car to attach to the front wheels for the front differential and to the two rear wheels for the rear differential. If your car has a front and rear differential, it is best to attach the chains to all four wheels, as the power is distributed to all four wheels. When buying wheel chains, you should be careful that some wheel chains have their own wrench and get it from the seller when buying. Be sure to check the clamps and fittings of the wheel chains and make sure they are in good condition. Each tire chain belongs to a specific type of tire, so keep this in mind when buying.

How to attach wheel chains?

1. First, unscrew the sprocket and make sure it is in the best position.

2- Then place the wheel chain on the ground in the direction of the wheels, with the flat part in the direction of the rubber surface and its spines on the ground.

3. You need to turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction of the tire on which you intend to install the chain. For example, if you want to install a tire on the left side of the car; Turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction, ie to the right, and vice versa for the other wheel.

4. Drive the vehicle so that the tire is in the middle of the flat tire chain.

5. Attach the open metal ring at the end of both sides of the chain to each other from behind the wheel.

6. At the end of the chain, there is a very curved clamp; Pass it through the loop at the other end of the chain to act as a retaining clip.

7. Using a special wrench, turn the swivel clamps on the chain until the wheel chains are firmly on the tire. When you want to remove the tire chains from the tires, be sure to open the packages and return them to their previous position.

After installation and completion, drive the car slightly and move forward. Then check all the wheel chains again so that not the slightest change is made in them.

Important Note: Make sure that the entire width of the tire is covered by the chain and that all its connections are equally tight.

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