Test and Review of Benz SLK Model 2006

Test and Review of Benz SLK Model 2006
Mercedes Benz SLK 2006

Hello to all of you car lovers and the specialized website of IR-LuxeCars! We are at your service with another article from a series of car testing and review articles in Iran, and this time, as in the past, we went to a special car, an attractive, handsome, unique Benz, namely the Benz SLK. Stay with us until the end of the article.

History of SLK Benzes

Mercedes started production of this attractive and small roadster in 1996, and until 2016, this Benz was marketed under the name SLK, and from 2016 to 2020, it was renamed SLC. Mercedes-Benz introduced the latest model of the SLC or the former SLK in 2020, and this car was permanently removed from the production line. A popular model that will never be forgotten. This car entered the global market in 3 generations, a limited number of which in Our country is moving.

Mercedes-Benz SLK
What does SLK mean?

Like all car names, these short letters mean something to themselves. SLK stands for Sportlich Leicht Kurz, which means light and short sport. Later, when the model was renamed SLC, they used the base name SL, followed by the letter C, meaning class C.

The first models that seriously entered the country were the second generation. The second generation SLK was produced between 2005 and 2010, and in 2005 the models: SLK350, SLK280, SLK200 and SLK55 were imported to our country, which was very, very popular among the youth. SLC models are also available in limited numbers. They entered Kish Island and due to some laws, they could not get a traffic license in the capital and various cities, and they received traffic in the free zones.

بنز SLK
Benz SLK at our disposal

This Benz SLK we have is a 2006 SLK200 model with SLK55 AMG body kit, which is equipped with a 1.8-liter four-cylinder compressor engine that can produce 184 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. A 7-speed automatic transmission of the Tronic type reaches the rear wheels. Acceleration of the attractive 0-100 Benz is just 7.9 seconds and its top speed is 232 km / h. Its combined fuel consumption is about 8.1 liters per 100 kilometers.

Amenities – Entertainment Benz SLK 2006

Keyless start and entry, automatic air conditioning, rain sensor, seat heater, neck heating system that even if you open the car roof in winter, you will not get frostbite, electric seat adjustment with memory, mirror heater with memory, on and off Automatic turn off of the light, rotation of the car headlight when moving in corners (left steering wheel turns left light and right steering wheel turns right light), headlight washing, rain sensor

بنز SLK
Mercedes-Benz SLK safety features

Driver and passenger and side airbags, front and rear disc brakes, equipped with ABS, ESP or stability control, ASR Rial BAS, cruise control, electric steering, sensor park, 5 safety stars from Euro N Cap

Driving experience with Benz SLK model 2006

Charming! It has the same grandeur of the Benz in a smaller size. Next to you you will see a nose stretched from the front, a beautiful curve and a special coordination of the body, and this coordination becomes more beautiful when you add black 5-spoke double rims to it. Whether the roof is open or closed, this car from The side view retains its beauty.

In the rear view of the Benz SLK, you can still see the unparalleled coordination between the headlights, the brake light on the trunk and even the bumper and exhaust kit. The attractiveness of this car is doubled with the AMG logo attached to the trunk. Also, its double exhaust kit brings a pleasant sound to the human ear. The SLK55 AMG body kit adds all these beauties and gives it a wild and predatory look. The size of this car is so convenient that you can park your car almost anywhere in the city.

Another special feature of this Benz SLK is its very convenient maintenance cost and almost all its parts are available in the country. Because most of its parts are similar to the Benz C200, you will incur much lower costs than the newer Benzes. In addition, Benz SLK suffers less engine failure than other Benzes due to its suitable propulsion with fuel inside Iran (Euro 4). After these explanations and goodies that we said, now we go to the inside of the car. As we said before, this car is the arrival and start with the same famous remote that everyone is completely familiar with.

As soon as you sit inside it, a wonderful feeling is transmitted to you. You see a beautiful, tidy and orderly cabin. Everything is where it should be. Add attractive red and black upholstery to this wonderful order. The dashboard is compatible with the center console and odometer, and even the design inside the doors. Of course, considering the car model, which is about 17 years old, you should not expect a modern cabin with modern features, and the same up-to-date features, such as a 10-inch screen, have been added by the owner himself.

بنز SLK

Benz SLK 2006 has dual air conditioning, electrically adjustable seats, and one of its special features is having a curtain in the back of the seats that improves airflow in the car cabin, which makes it possible even if in winter The roof of the car is open, the flow of hot air circulates well. But apart from the beautiful and relatively modern appearance, let’s see how the ride of this car is.

What attracted us most in this Benz is its agility and speed, because the weight of the car and the way the axles are placed and the weight distribution are done correctly and it can deliver good agility to the car with the power it produces. The handling of this car is also It is at a very high level and you can open an account on it with complete confidence. The Benz SLK was so confident in its braking that it persuaded us to keep going at a higher speed. One of the positive features of this car is its relatively spacious trunk.

This Benz SLK is 5 stars in terms of body and safety and can save your life. So what is better than a gasoline in Iran, it consumes good gasoline, it is agile, it is safe, it has a box space, it has relatively good repair and maintenance costs, it is a coupe and it has two passengers! Adam’s heart wants to travel all over Iran with this car.

Photo: Farid Abedi

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