The most fully optioned domestic sedans

The most fully optioned domestic sedans

Hello to all viewers of the IR Lux Cars site, today we will be at your service by reviewing and introducing the most fully optioned domestic sedans.

Dena plus turbo automatic

After the Dana project, Iran Khodro decided to produce a new version for this car and launched its first facelift in 2016. The changes in the appearance of Dena Plus are mainly summarized in the front and rear lights, the new grille with larger dimensions and the not so professional side lines on the doors. The Dena Plus Turbo automatic version, which is considered the most complete model, uses a 6-speed automatic gearbox. The gearbox of this car looks a bit strange because you cannot drive with an engine speed higher than 4500 even in Tiptronic mode.

The production of this version has been started since 99. Denaplus turbo automatic has features such as four-wheel disc brakes equipped with ABS and EBD, airbags for the driver and front passenger with side airbags (4 in total), electric steering wheel equipped with control keys, automatic air conditioning with vent for rear passengers, multimedia system with The ability to communicate with a mobile phone, rear camera and satellite navigation, front and rear fog lights, daytime running lights, welcome light, the ability to adjust the height of the lights from the inside, electric folding side mirrors, electric windows, immobilizer, isofix, rear gear sensor , 16-inch aluminum rims, electric front seats with 8-way adjustment, electric sunroof and cruise control.

Automatic tare

Iran Khodro, which had the right to use the Peugeot 301 platform through contracts with the French company, added a new product to the domestic market with Tara's design. This new sedan uses the same TU5p engine with a six-speed automatic transmission that is shared with Dena Plus. Among Tara's options, which are offered on both manual and automatic versions, are four-wheel disc brakes equipped with ABS, EBD, HBA, TCS, ESC, HSA auxiliary systems, airbags for the front passengers, electric steering with Control keys, multimedia system with 4 speakers and the possibility of mirrorlink, active roof antenna, electric windows and mirrors, front and rear fog lights, the ability to adjust the height of the headlights from inside the car, daytime running light, welcome light, wind pressure monitoring system. Tires (TPMS) and cruise control and limiter pointed out.

Also, in the automatic model, a series of other equipment such as a sunroof, rearview camera, electric folding side mirrors, light and rain sensors, keyless entry and start system, 16-inch aluminum rims, leather covers, electric front seats and side airbags have been added. The manufacturer of the second product is Iran Khodro, which is known as one of the most fully optioned domestic cars.


Shahin, which was originally supposed to enter the country's roads under the name of Reham, is the third car with relatively many options in domestic products. Although Shahin is known as a new product, its engine is the same 1.5 liter 8-valve engine that is used in Tiba, Saina and Quick. This low-depreciation engine, equipped with a turbocharger, produces about 110 horsepower. Saipa Shahin has relatively good and acceptable facilities. This Saipa sedan is equipped with a sunroof and push button start. In terms of safety, driver and front passenger airbags, immobilizer, isofix and seat belt warning system are among the features of Shaheen. Among the other safety equipment of this car, we can mention security warning system, rear camera and ABS and EBD brakes.

Also, PEPS keyless entry, multimedia audio system with 7-inch screen and USB port, reverse gear parking sensor, steering wheel volume control, automatic ventilation, tire pressure control system, gear shift indicator, daylight, auto light, accompanying light At home, front and rear fog lights, navigation system, outside air temperature display, power windows and trip computer are among the comfort options of this Saipa sedan.


In general, according to the research and experiences of the IR Lux Cars team, in this discussion, the Dena Plus Turbo Automatic has far higher power and acceleration compared to its competitors. Also, its six-speed gearbox has shown good performance. In terms of depreciation and fuel consumption, Tara is definitely in a better position. Due to the TU5 engine and its compatibility with Iran's climate, Tara has fewer problems and breakdowns.

In the end, Shaheen is more economical in terms of maintenance and repair costs due to the fact that it uses the Tiba engine, but in general, you should choose one of these top three Iranian sedans according to your priorities. .

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